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Welcome to Class 1W.

Our teacher is Miss Walker and our learning support assistant is Miss Spencer.

We are lucky to also have Mrs Lewis supporting us a few days a week. 


We always try our best and have lots fun while we learn in Year 1!



​Upcoming Events this term


In June Year 1 children across the country will be sitting a Phonics Screening Check were they have to read real and nonsense words containing the phonemes learnt from Reception to now.


It would benefit your child if you could support them at home; see below for a link.

Summer 1

We have been learning all about the 4 nations of the United Kingdom including their names, capital city and what their flag looks like. We came up with actions to help us remeber each one.


Miss Hall took us on a 'trip around the world' where we learnt all about the 7 continents. We tried traditional food, wore traditional clothes and looked at artifacts from each continent


In Maths this half term we have been having lots of fun with numbers to 50. We have made the numbers using Numicon and Base 10, compared them using 'less than' and greater than' and can say how many 'tens' or ones' there are in each number using the help of the whole part model. 

In English our units of work have been all about the poetry of Michael Rosen and Stories from Other Cultures; with a particular focus on Africa. The children became aware of rhyme and how to create our own silly versions of Nursery Rhymes by turning them into 'Nursery Crimes'.


We have had lots of fun learning about Africa especially listening to traditional music, copying traditional dance and tasting lots of yummy fruits that are in our class story 'Handa's Surprise.' We are in the middle of changing the class story to make it our own surprise story. 


Spring 2

Animals Take Over


In Year 1 we have been learnign all about different groups of animals during our Sciemce topic of 'Amazing Animals' (Animals including Humans) and have been very lucky to even meet some of these animals in class!


Lynsey Hunter from 'Animals Take Over' brought many of her animals in to tell us all about their family, what they eat and if they had bones or not. We met a snake, frog, owl, mouse, hedgehog, lizard, bearded dragon, milipeded and even two cockroaches. the children were very brave holding and stroking the animals.

Full Marble Jar treat - Pyjama Party

World Book Day


In 1W we have had lots of fun dressing up as characters from our favourite books and telling each other all about them. We were lucky enough to have children from 5H come into our classs to share stories with us.  

Spring 1


This term we have been studying the topic of 'Up in the Air' were we have found out how flight has developed over time. We are learning about influential people from the past such as the Wright Brothers who created the first aircraft and Amelia Earhart who flew across the Atlantic.


During a lesson creating a timeline of flight the children found out how old some air craft was in comparison to when we were all born.



In English our new unit is all about 'Traditional Tales' with a focus on 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Jack left us a trail around school for us to guess who had visited us.



In maths we have been learning how to read, write and compare numbers to 20 and will be moving on to using these numbers within addition and subtraction.

Thank you for all the amazing models and facts about aircraft. The children loved showing off their designs!



In our RE lessons we enjoy learning about Jesus and thinking of how we can live our lives the way he did. In 1W we share, care, love, respect and help everybody.


This term we have been learning about the topic of 'Special People'. We enjoyed sharing our stories of people special to us at home and talking about how there are many other special people at school or in church.



PE is on a Friday morning so please ensure your child has full kit including red t-shirt, blue shorts and black pumps.


Book Bags


Your child will read each week with Miss Pemberton and their book will be changed whenever it is in school. It is important that you read with your child when they bring home a new book. Please check for any letters that may have been placed in their book bag. 




Now that the children are in year 1 they will have a weekly spelling test on a Wednesday. They will bring home their spellings to practice the week before so please support your child with them. We encourage the children to 'do their best' and they are very excited to see how many they have spelled correctly each week.


Water Bottles


Children can bring in a water (and only water) in a named bottle so if they get thirsty they have access to a drink throughout the day.

Autumn Term


Our first half term in 1W has been exciting as we have been getting to know our new teachers, areas of the classroom and how we learn in year 1.


We have been learning about the different ways we can make numbers, used number lines and have even been practising how to spell numbers to 10!


In English we are looking at 'stories with familiar settings' and have really enjoyed reading 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea.' Our classroom was turned into a crime scene when an unknown person or creature messed up our room (it turns out it was the tiger thinking he could come for tea in St Christopher's!) We went around the school interviewing teachers to find clues.


Our topic has been 'Seasons' where we have been learning about how the weather and trees change throughout the year. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite season.