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Welcome to Class 2C. Mrs Chadwick is our class teacher and Mrs LaHive is our support assistant. We work hard and have lots of fun in 2C.


PE is on a Tuesday. Please can you ensure that your child's school uniform, coat, PE kit and PE bag is clearly labelled with their name.


Book Bags

Please can your child bring their book bag to school everyday as we don't have a set day for reading. Your child will bring home a reading book. Please feel free to write any comments about how they got on in the reading diary. 


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name.



RE- Spread the Word

Our theme for RE this half term is 'Spread the Word.' We are looking at how we can share the Good news that Jesus rose from the dead. 


Our class RE display has a message board on it so we can leave each other messages to encourage one other.


This week we have looked at the story of Ascension and how Jesus went back to be with the Father. We know that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help the disciples. As a class we talked about how the Holy Spirit helps us. 


We played Chinese Whispers to show how we can share a message. We had to listen to ensure we got the right message. 



Art Focus- Printing

This half term our focus for Art is printing linked with the work of the artist William Morris. We started by looking at his work. We recognised that William Morris uses lots of pattern and his work is very symmetrical. In our sketch books we placed a small square of his work. We then had to copy in our own square what we could see. The children took a lot of time to ensure they included all the detail, tone and colour.


We then went on to look at how we could use nature to help us print. We collected a range of leaves and flowers from our outdoor area. We then used these to rub onto paper using wax crayons. we could see lots of patterns being created.


We used a range of skills to produce different prints. 


This week we will be chossing our final design and will be printing.



Times Tables Test- 2's

We have been trying really hard in Year 2 to learn our times tables. Our focus over the last three weeks has been to learn our 2's. Every Monday we have had a mini test to see how we are doing. This week we had a test to see if we could answer all the questions. Class 2C blew Mrs Chadwick away. 13 children managed to pass the 2's challenge. They all received a certificate to take home.


The children who did not achieve this on Monday missed it by only 1 mark! These children are practising really hard and will try again on Friday. Keep an eye out for the photograph!


Class 2C are moving on to the 3 times table next. 


Picture 1

Multiplication and division


In Maths we have been looking at Mulitplication and division. We have been using lots of new vocabulary. We can now talk about equal groups, sets, lots of with great confidence. We have used a range of resources to support our learning. 


We have been using arrays to help us. In class we are given problems and we have to say if they are correct or incorrect and then prove it. Arrays and stem sentences have helped us do this. 

Meerkat Mail

Today class 2C received another letter from Sunny the meerkat. Sunny the meerkat had sent us a new challenge. He wanted Class 2C to look after his special friend. Inside his special friend was a fitted camera. This camera will help Sunny find out more about St Christopher's. Class 2C had to visit other classrooms. Here we had to carry out research about that class. In each class we had to decide what was good about that classroom and also what we didn't like. What we didn't like was the reason we had to return to class 2C. This was just like Sunny and his journey in Meerkat Mail. In small groups we carried out our research. 

Here are the classrooms we visited:

  • Nursery
  • RB
  • 10
  • 1W
  • 5H
  • 5C

We found out lots of new things about the places we visited and we are going to use this research to write a postcard back to Sunny the Meerkat.


Here are our photographs with Sunny's friend in the different classrooms. 

Meerkat Mail

In Meerkat Mail Sunny the meerkat goes on a journey. Every place he visits he sends a postcard home to his family. We have looked at the many postcards that Sunny sends home. Each postcard includes certain features. Here are the features: 

  • The address
  • Who it is to
  • What the place is like
  • What is good about the place
  • An interesting fact
  • A problem about the place
  • Who it is from

Using this checklist we have text marked postcards from the book to help us when we come to write our own postcards.


Meerkat Mail

Class 2C are enjoying looking at 'Meerkat Mail'. It started when we received a parcel from Sunny the Meerkat. Inside the parcel we found lots of different objects. It contained clues to lead us to another special delivery in our classroom. Here we found a letter and the book Meerkat Mail. This was just the start of our Meerkat journey.


For our English work, we have been looking at Spring Poems. We have looked at various poems and we recognise the features in a poem. Our poems needed to have similes in them. We are now able to use similes in our written work. We followed the 'Talk for Writing' process. We boxed up our poems. This helped us when we were writing our own poems. Today we have edited our poems and they have now been printed in our Celebration books. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

It's a Nativity!


Key Stage 1 have been rehearsing for our annual Nativity. Today we performed for the whole school. We are excitied to perform for our parents.

Look how good we look in our costumes!


DT Week.


This week we have been looking at Puppets. We have looked at different types of puppets. We carried out some market research to see what material would be suitable. We then designed some puppets. We decided on our final design. Finally we had to make our puppet. We used a needle to sew our puppet together. We added other fabrics to make it into a Traditional Tales character. Look at our finished products.

This week is Safety week. We have looked at the people we can trust. Today we have looked at medicines and drugs. We have talked about how they can help us but they can also be dangerous. We have made leaflets to share this message with others. 

Autumn 2

This term our topic is Traditional Tales.

Spellings this week

Traditional Tales


We are looking at Traditional Tales. We came to school dressed as our favourite character. We had to describe the story and give facts about our character. We are learning about the features of a Traditional Tale. We are going to write our own Traditional Tales. 

Today we changed the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have made the story into our own version.

English: Calligrams


Our unit of work is Poetry. We have been looking at the vocabulary to help us with our poem writing. We have been learning a poem using actions.

Maths- Number


This unit of Maths work is based on Number. We have been counting in 2's, 3's,5's and 10's. We are also looking at the value of numbers and odd and even numbers.



Reading awards this half term: We are all trying hard to win this!
Spelling award this half term: We are all trying hard to win this!