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Welcome to Class 3W. Thank you for visiting our page.

Our Class Teacher is Miss Wright and our Learning Support assistant is Miss Spencer.


We filled our marble jar! To celebrate this achievement we had a Pyjama party in class. Well done 3W we will be aiming to fill the jar again before the end of the school year!

We recently enjoyed a fun filled trip to Croxteth Park Farm. This is linked to our current topic of farms and farming. Children enjoyed feeding some of the animals as well as entering the enclosures and playing with meerkats. 

We have recently enjoyed celebrating World book day. We had some wonderful costumes and enjoyed talking about our favourite characters and books. The author we have been studying in detail is Anthony Browne. We are currently enjoying his book 'Silly Billy' which are using for our English Genre of Familiar settings. Lat week we used our acting skills for role play and performed a scene to explain one of Anthony Brownes stories of either Gorilla, Silly Billy or Into the Forest.

We have settled in well again after our half term break. We have a busy half term leading up to Easter but are also trying to remember the importance of Lent and how we should prepare for the Easter celebration. We will be making our Lenten promises and thinking about the sacrifice Jesus made for us.


In English we have been working on the topic of Stories with familiar settings where we have done some great work linked to our senses and used this to create our own familiar settings stories. In the upcoming weeks we will move onto mystery stories. 


In maths we have recently started Fractions. This tends to be a topic that scares children in maths but we thoroughly enjoying it. Children are engaged and willing to learn. We have used a lot more practical activities linked to fractions so children can visually understand what a fraction looks like. If you would like to help your children at home, lego is always a good resource to help demonstrate fractions.


Have a look at some of our photos from life in Year 3 so far ....

Science- Forces. Investigating Air Resistance.

We our currently studying the topic of Forces for Science. We have discussed forces in action such as push, pulls, Friction, Gravity and Air Resistance. We completed an investigation to test air resistance by making our own parachutes and seeing what variables where the most needed to help an egg survive a large drop whilst being attached to a parachute. We discovered that the best parachute was the one that had the largest surface area. Please see photographs above.



 Pe day is on Monday. Please ensure your child has full Pe kit in school and is also labelled with their full name. Children are also allowed to bring water bottles into school. This must be with a capped top and also labelled with their name.  This half term we are learning tennis



Spelling Test-

Children will be tested on their weekly spellings on a Friday. They will also be given out next weeks spellings to take home and practice. Spellings are an important part of the curriculum, it would be greatly appreciated if you help your child with their spellings at home. 


Times table Test- 

Within the maths curriculum, times tables play an important part. Once children grasp these it makes it a lot easier for them to understand other strategies when accessing division, multiplication, fractions plus many more. By the end of year 3 children are now expected to know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables as well as the 2, 5s and 10s they will have previously been taught in KS1. To help consolidate these further we have a test every Friday. A set will be sent home the week before. The same test may be sent out consecutively if the Teacher feels more practise is needed. This weeks test will be on the 4s.





Upcoming events

We are very excited to soon start our new Topic of Farms and Farming. In the upcoming weeks an entry point trip will be organised for Acorn Farm. More information regarding this will soon follow.