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Children University Clubs

Children’s University Clubs 2018/19


St. Christopher’s has been running Children’s University Clubs for the past ten years.

The Year 1 and Year 2 clubs run as blocks of sessions during Autumn and Spring terms for five weeks on Thursdays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Year 3 to Year 6 clubs run through the year. See individual clubs for details.


The clubs are run in partnership with the Local Authority and make links to local universities. The clubs are delivered by staff at lunchtime or at the end of the day. Through attending a broad range of clubs in school the children have the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun in the process. Clubs run from Y1 through to Y6 and include Drama, Choir, Football, Netball, Cricket, Forest School, Music, Story, Computing, Irish Dancing and Messy Play. The children collect hours which lead to awards being presented at the end of the school year. The awards are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the higher awards of Bronze Certificate, Silver Certificate and Gold Certificate. A Graduation Ceremony takes place in the Summer term where the children are dressed in caps and gowns to receive their awards.  Parents/Carers are invited to attend the service. The children show great pride in their awards and are inspired by the ceremony. In the Summer of 2018 the graduation took place in the Liverpool Carnatic Hall. We are looking forward to this years ceremony which will be announced when the venue is arranged. 


Extra Curricular Timetable - 2018/19

Story Club - Year 1 Mrs Hints

Story club allows the children to explore a range of stories and characters. Through making masks, hot seating and story maps the children become the characters and perform stories.

Zumba - Year 1 Miss O'Connor


In Zumba club the children have lots of fun dancing and exercising to lots of energetic songs. Miss O'Connor will be dancing in class before long!

Messy Play - Year 2 


The children love this exciting club where they can get very messy....the messier the better! They make things such a gloop and gunge.

Forest School - Year 3 Mrs Baxter

Forest School - Year 3 Mrs Baxter 1
Forest School - Year 3 Mrs Baxter 2
Forest School - Year 3 Mrs Baxter 3
As usual the year 3 Forest School chidren's University club proved extremely popular. The children enjoyed a range of activities from fire safety and fire lighting, outdoor art and effectively use of tools.

Computing Club - Year 2 Miss Walker


Computer Club is a great way for children to gain more experience using the schools Computing resources. At St. Christopher's we have Chrome Books, Fizzbooks, Apple Mac laptops, Blue Bots, Lego We Do, Nintendo DS and iPads to aid, support and develop the children's learning. Computer club allows some of the younger children to spend valuable time using these devices and learning important computer skills.