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St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School

Enterprise policy.


The aim of enterprise in our school is to:

Allow children to develop life skills.

Encourage children to have high aspirations and dreams.

Encourage children to think big and take a risk.

Create good links with families, school and community.


Enterprise is linked with all areas of the curriculum and all children are given opportunities to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. Children are given many opportunities to develop these skills which are closely linked to our whole school values and 'The Big 13' life skills (see below). The 'Big 13' skills are recorded in childrens' individual passports.


The children have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, that are enterprise based, throughout the year. We hold annual events linked to special occasions such as Christmas but we also have an annual 'Citizenship Project' where children from YR-Y6 work in mixed year group teams on a set task (the 2014 task was linked to the WW1 whole school summer topic).


Charities which we support annually include CAFOD, Children in Need and the Good Shepherd. We also collect for emergency relief cases and charities that inspire children to help in many creative ways e.g. The Kandy House appeal which inspired a group of Y5 children to get into action in autumn 2014...

During October a small group of Y5 children organised fund raising to support street kids in Sri-Lanka by selling sweets for a week. They designed posters, bought the sweets and gave up their breaks to raise a total of £140

Examples of outdoor art work, produced during our summer 'Citizenship Project', linked to the World War 1 whole school theme