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Liverpool Maths Quality Mark.

                This year, our school is aiming to achieve the Liverpool Maths Quality Mark.  A lot of the things we are already doing will go towards getting this mark, but we have also made some positive changes  and are hoping to make further changes.  Some of the changes we have made so far include:

  • Weekly maths awards in assembly - teachers choose a child each week to receive an award for their maths work in class.
  • Staff door signs - staff now have signs on classroom doors, which show how adults have been using maths in everyday life.
  • A display showing how children use maths in the outside world, for example when they are working out how much change they will get at the shop.
  • Maths Ambassadors – some year 6 children have become maths ambassadors and will be responsible for leading some of our new initiatives, such as lunchtime maths games and C@N.
  • C@N – (Calculating @ Nine).  The junior children started this this week.  They have a set of multiplication and division questions and 2 minutes to answer them.  Their aim is to get at least 19/20 on three consecutive days to go up to the next level.
  • Monthly Maths Puzzles – we will be sending out maths puzzles each month for both children and parents.  Please could you encourage your children to complete their puzzle and try the parent puzzle yourself.  Completed puzzles should be returned to Mrs Cairns or Miss Connolly. A winner will be chosen from each year group during the assembly on the last Friday of each month.
  • Parents/carers maths leaflets – these leaflets will inform you about what your child will be learning in maths over the year and give you some suggested activities you could do with your child at home.  The first of these leaflets will be given out this month.
  • Parent/child maths games sessions – during the year, parents/carers will be invited into school to play maths games with your child/children.

We really appreciate all of the support you, as families give us and hope you continue to support us in gaining this award by encouraging your child to use and talk about how they/you have used maths in everyday life.