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The purpose of Religious Education at St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School is to nurture the Catholic Faith, and its teachings, in our children. By helping them to live this faith, we hope to encourage our children to develop a better relationship with God and others around them.

RE is a core subject at St Christopher’s school. It is mainly delivered through the religious education programme ‘Come and See’, but is also encouraged through links with home, the Parish Church, the local community and other subject areas.  RE is integral to all aspects of our school life.

Other Religions

“All Catholic schools are required to teach other religions as part of the Religious Education in the curriculum. This is a feature of Catholic R. E in all stages of a child’s development, from the beginning of primary school until the end of secondary school. . .it is required by the bishops, who state that the Catholic nature of our schools entails a willingness to try to understand better the religions of one’s neighbour…” (Quote from an article issued by the Catholic Education Service.)