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This year is a very important year for languages as it is now compulsory for KS2 pupils to learn a modern foreign language (MFL). Our children are making good progress in preparation for the transition to secondary MFL.


You may find this link helpful with your Spanish:


Year 3 have been learning how to count up to 20 along with greetings, months, colours and animals

uno - one

dos - two
tres - three
cuatro - four
cinco - five
seis - six
siete - seven
ocho - eight
nueve - nine
diez - ten

Year 4 can count up to 30, they know the months of the year and they have been describing animals

enero - January

febrero - February
marzo - March
abril - April

Year 5 can say the dates and have been working on describing the colours of flags, names of countries and nationalities

América del Sur - South America

América del Norte - North America
Oceanía - Oceania
África - Africa


Year 6 have been learning classroom objects, instructions and numbers up to 50

la música - Music

la historia - History
la geografia - Geography
las ciencias - Science

We are very pleased with the progress we are making

Buen trabajo, ninos!

(Good work, kids!)


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