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Spring in to Reading- Speke Garston Event.


Reading Flashmob Tuesday 28th April 2015.


Yesterday at 12:30pm a Reading Flashmob took place on the school playground much to the surprise of the children. The teachers were soon joined by the children keen to read a book and share stories.

At St. Christopher's we love to celebrate special events as a whole school and have a full calendar of events and theme days throughout the school year.


We began the 2014 school year with a visit from a very strange object, a giant egg, which appeared on the school field early one morning and led to a whole day of investigations, predictions and the receipt of a letter from 'The Museum of Unusual Objects'. Our fantastic writing is on display in the main school corridor. This was the first of our exciting Immersions days focused around writing. There will be many more of these days throughout the year, including Science, Geography, Maths and Art Immersion days.

This year our school celebrated its 60th Birthday, so on 24th October we celebrated in 1950's style. This coincided with our History Immersion day. The children spent the day comparing and contrasting different elements of 1950's life with the present day.
As a part of our 60th birthday celebrations, we had a professional photographer come into school to work with Year 3. He took a selection of photographs and worked with Y3 children for the day.  The children were trained to use the cameras, they took lots of photographs. Here is a selection of their fantastic work;

On Friday 7th November the whole school went 'Science Crazy' with a CSI Investigation Day.

You can see photos of our great detectives at work on the Science page of our website!


On Monday 15th December 2014 we all helped Frosty the Snowman from melting during our Art Immersion Day. Read all about it on our link below:
On Friday February 13th we celebrated Chinese New Year through our DT Immersion Day.
During the week beginning March 2nd we celebrated books and reading. On Thursday March 5th we celebrated World Book Day.