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Below you will find lots of information about our class, including what we have been up to. From March 8th 2021, when all children returned to school, class teachers will be providing work via Class Dojo if children are isolating at home. By clicking on the Learning from Home star you will still find a weekly timetable and other links to support learning


Welcome to all the wonderful children in 1HF. Your class teachers are Miss Franklin and Mrs Hanstock and your fantastic learning support assistant is Miss Finlay. We are all so excited to be working with every one of you. We are committed to giving you all an amazing time in Year 1, and as well as working hard, we will be having lots of fun. 😊



Below you will find lots of information about our class. This will include information on the Year 1 curriculum, our school schemes, reading book days, PE days, homework menu and water bottles. We will update the website regularly and notify you of any important dates for your diary. If you are having to stay at home due to self-isolation, please contact the school office. Information about lessons and current work will be provided through Class Dojo.


Anything that you wish to share or talk about, please message us on Class Dojo. We endeavour to regularly check all messages and we will reply as soon as we can. We are here for your children, and we will always listen.



Phonics is taught daily in Year 1. Phonics is a method for teaching reading, where your child is taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sounds that they represent. Your child can then start to read words by blending the sounds together to make a word.

Our school follows the Read Write Inc (RWI) approach to teaching early reading and spelling. This is a structured and systematic approach, that is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers, and willing writers. It is vital that your child is encouraged to pronounce phonemes (sounds) correctly.


For further information on RWI please visit the following website: - 


Book Bags

 Reading books will be changed regularly. Please send your child's book bag to school with them every day. 

In support of our approach to teaching reading, your child will take home a Read, Write Inc phonics book.  Your child will be reading the book during the RWI lessons, and we ask that you reinforce your child’s learning by revisiting the book.

Your child will also take home a book for you to read together for pleasure. We encourage that you ask your child questions about their book and that you encourage your child to ask their own questions. It is important to develop comprehension skills, as it supports your child with reading and writing. We encourage you to visit our amazing local library to expand your child’s knowledge and love of books.


EBooks will also be allocated regularly on Oxford Owl. Your child's log in details is the same as last year. If you are unsure about your child’s log in details, then could you please message us on Class Dojo.


The Spelling Shed and Maths Shed

Your child will be bringing home a password. This will enable them to log onto the spelling shed and maths shed. We will set a variety of fun activities on this site for you to share at home with your child.



Our PE day this year is Wednesday. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on Wednesdays. They can wear black tracksuit bottoms or leggings on colder days. No PE kits are to be brought into school.


Water Bottles

 There are studies to say, that drinking water and being well hydrated, improves the mood, memory, and attention in children. We would ask that you send in a water bottle for your child each day. We request that your child brings in water only and not juice or fizzy drinks. The bottle needs to have your child’s name on. The children will have access to their water throughout the day.


Homework Menu

Every half term, a homework menu will be given out with a selection of tasks to be completed, across all areas of the curriculum. It is your choice as to how many you complete; however, you must complete at least one piece and hand it in to school by the end of the half term. Your child’s completed work will be celebrated. 


Autumn 1

 This first half is going to be so exciting, as your child will feel a little more grown up, will be getting to know their new teachers, will be exploring all the resources in 1HF, and will be learning lots of new things in Year 1.

In Year 1 we have a focus on ensuring that your children feel happy, safe, and secure in their new environment. We encourage your child to always express their feelings and there are daily activities that encourage speaking and listening.

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year, and we will be asking your children to think about the seasonal changes. Whenever possible, we ask you to encourage your child to look at the outside environment. We would like your child to talk about the changes that they see and to be encouraged to ask questions about those changes.



Our first topic is Families. Your child will be encouraged to talk about their own family and the love and care shown within a family. They will develop their understand, in that God loves and cares for every family.



We will be continuing with our RWI lessons. The children are in small groups for this session, giving a focused approach to phonics teaching and learning. Throughout each week we be enjoying speaking and listening activities and sharing books for pleasure.

Children will be encouraged to be creative in their writing during continuous provision activities.

Books linked to the sounds we have learned will be assigned on Oxford Owl.


Whole Class Reading

Our school uses the reading program ‘Steps to Read.’ The books that are used, are specifically chosen to broaden your child’s reading experiences, whilst deepening curriculum knowledge. The sessions are progressive and use language- rich texts to teach new vocabulary. Comprehension is a focus during all sessions and the children are taught strategies that are needed to be a proficient and confident reader. The texts are engaging and are specifically selected for each year group. They include poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. Your child will be excited by the sessions, and we hope that we will promote a life-long love of reading. This half term, as our topic is toys, our whole class reading lessons will be based mainly on books about toys.



In the Autumn term we will be focusing on number. We will be learning to sort, compare, count, and represent numbers from 0-10. There will be sessions where we will be learning about number lines and the order of numbers. We will have fun through activities where we will be counting forwards and backwards and games where we will be counting one more or one less. We will be encouraging your child to have fun with number and to problem solve. 



During science lessons, we will be naming and describing materials, as well as looking at the properties of the materials. As our topic is toys, we will be looking at the materials that various toys are made from. We would love you to support your child’s learning, by looking at the materials that the toys at home are made from. We would like you to always model questions and encourage your child to ask their own questions.

Throughout the year we will also be looking at the changing seasons and the beauty that each season brings. We are beginning with the season of Autumn.



During history lessons we will be looking at how toys have changed over time. This is a hard concept for the children, as their understanding of history is very immediate. To support their understanding, we would like to ask if you could talk about the toys that you, or other members of your child’s family played with. Maybe you still have those toys, maybe you have photographs of you playing with those toys, or maybe you could research them on the internet? Your child will be naturally fascinated by learning about what you, or their grandparent used to play with.



In school the children will learn about coding, using Code Studio. We will be using iPads and the class interactive white board. Wherever possible encourage your child to log on to a computer or IT equipment at home. Even turning the television on and off and talking about how the remote control turns on the television, will support your child’s understanding of their ever-growing world of IT.



During this half term will be studying the work of artist, Picasso. Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. After a brief introduction to the history of the artist we will be encouraging your child to look closely as his work, for line, form, and colour. Your child will be encouraged to make their own marks in the style of Pablo Picasso. In their sketch books they will be encouraged to experiment with colour, marks and mark making. The outcome of this half term will be for your child to create their own self portrait, in the style of Pablo Picasso.



Towards the end of this term, your child will be making a moving toy car in DT. We will learn about the axle, axle holder and the chassis and the part they play in making a vehicle move. It would be helpful if you could talk to your child about how their own toys work.



During this half term your child will be looking at the differences between pulse, rhythm, and pitch. They will be learning a new song, Hey You! Hey You! The song is written in an Old-School Hip Hop style, for your child to learn how to rap and enjoy its original form. In addition to developing their skills in how to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, your child will be listening to other Old-school hip hop tunes. They will be encouraged to use their skills taught to appraise the new tunes. If possible, encourage your child to listen to a variety of music and encourage them to talk about what they hear, what they like about the music and how it makes them feel.



This half term we are fortunate to have a sports coach working in our school. In year 1 the coach will be teaching gymnastics and we are excited to begin the sessions. Currently PE for 1HF will be Wednesday afternoon. We will update you on the sessions, through the Class Dojo page.



PSHE is Personal and Social Health Education. During this half term, your child will be encouraged to explore their feelings and emotions. We will be encouraging your child to understand that there are a range of emotions and that it is important to recognise all emotions. We will be supporting your child in learning how to cope with certain emotions and that it is always good to share how we feel.  Your child will also talk about why they are special are and who is special to them.


Philosophy for Children (P4C)

During this term and throughout the year, your child will have the opportunity to give their thoughts on various topics. During the sessions we will be encouraging the children to understand, that as well as their opinion being valued, it is also important to respect the throughs and opinions of others. The sessions are a time for discussion and debate and develop the children’s speaking and listening skills.



RSE focuses on the relationships that your child has. During the Autumn term, your child will be encouraged to learn to recognise signs that they are loved by their family.


We love Year 1, welcome to our class!

From Miss Franklin, Mrs Hanstock and Miss Finlay 😊

Photographs showing our learning so far.

Sample timetable for home learning

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