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Summer reading and Summer fun activities

June 2020

Our themed home learning menus will continue to be added weekly to the website.  Each week will be a different theme, but if you would like to spend longer on a theme, that is absolutely fine.  In addition to our theme, we have added some basic skills for that week (maths, reading, phonics etc) to the top of the menu. These are things that children should be practising regularly, so spending a little bit of time on these each day will really help.  We hope you are enjoying the themes and please share any work with us by emailing or on Twiter @ChrissiesSpeke

Home Learning menu Week 12 and Week 13 - Celebrations. The celebrations theme will run for two weeks. In week 1, you will have the opportunity to learn about why and how people around the world celebrate. During the second week, you will be celebrating all of the amazing things you have achieved this year.

Can you believe it’s the last week of the school year? And what a year it’s been!


This year, you have improved your reading and writing, learned how to use a part whole model to help with your maths, discussed the changes in the seasons, learned about The Wright Brothers...I could keep going. More importantly, you have shown us what kind, caring

and thoughtful boys and girls you are. You have amazed me throughout this lockdown; you have shown courage, compassion and resilience. I have said it each week and I genuinely mean it, I am very proud of you. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year, it’s unfortunate that it was cut short and I am sure that lots more learning and laughter would have taken place. I am excited for us all to be back together in September. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces. 

All of your teachers wish you a great summer holiday, lockdown is slowly easing so hopefully you’ll get to do more things. Remember, you can keep sharing your photos and work on our Twitter page @ChrissiesSpeke. 

Stay safe, keep active, be good, wash your hands and keep smiling. 

Love from

Mrs Metcalfe

Ps I found a poem which I would like to share with you. I will post a photo of it. It’s a reflection of my thoughts. 


A poem for you!

A big hello Year1, from all of your teachers!


Have you had a good week? I know that some of you have been in school for a while now, as your grown ups are key workers. Today, some more of you went back to school. I hope that you had a great time and completed some exciting activities. I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to. Remember, due to staff ratios and distancing, only the children who have already arranged with school should attend. If you need any advice, please phone school. 

Yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of the NHS. At 5pm, we went outside and clapped, we also heard a few other people clap. Did you? I know a little boy in 1Me wore a lovely rainbow t-shirt thanking the NHS. 

Our theme last week was journeys, I know a little girl in 1Mc watched a tv show about ‘The World’s Most Scenic Train Journeys’. The episode she watched was based in Scotland, she produced some lovely work about it. Well done! I’ve not seen this episode, I’ve only seen a short clip of another episode, I definitely want to watch it now. Shows like these remind me about all of the beautiful places in our world I want to visit one day. 


This week, a little boy in 1Me and his big sister have been busy baking. They have sent some delicious looking cakes into school. Thank you. 

Our theme ‘Celebrations’ runs for ref next two weeks. This week is mainly learning about why and how people celebrate different events around the world. Next week, we want you to plan and have a celebration. We want to celebrate you and all you have achieved this year. Have fun!


As always, we are super proud of you and how you have coped over the past couple of months, we miss you. Take care, be good, stay active, smile and wash your hands!


Love from Mrs Metcalfe. 

Hello Year 1,


I hope that you have all had a good week. It's been a bit of a strange one weather wise - one minute it was pouring down and the next, glorious sunshine. In between the showers/storms, we have been out walking, trying to spot more scarecrows. It certainly adds a bit of entertainment to our walks. Other than walks, including one on a deserted beach, we have had a quite week. As well as doing their school work, Orla and Euan have been teaching me how to play their new favourite computer game.


Did you enjoy the chocolate theme last week? Which was your favourite activity? I know a boy in 1Me made a chocolate cake which looked very tasty!


This week's theme, Journeys,  looks at physical journeys and life journeys we go on. I am looking forward to seeing any work you complete.


As always, we all miss you and are very proud of you.

Remember to wash your hands, stay safe, be good, keep smiling and stay active.



Mrs Metcalfe

I’ve uploaded a video to say hello. To find the video, CLICK HERE
Mrs Metcalfe 

Keeping active -Euan

Still image for this video
Who do you think won?

Keeping active -Orla

Still image for this video
Who do you think won?

Sample timetable for home learning

Below are some activities for you to try at home.  We have created a home learning menu with a different theme for each week.  You can do as many of the activities as you like; there is no expectation for you to complete them all.  You might decide to do the same topic over 2 weeks and miss a different topic out and this is absolutely fine!  The activities cover lots of different subjects including English, maths, DT, science, history and geography.  We hope you enjoy the topics and have lots of fun completing the activities.

Home learning menu - week 11 - Journeys

Home learning menu - week 10 - chocolate

Home learning menu - week 9 - Under the sea

Home learning menu - week 8 - Space

Home learning menu - week 7- What a wonderful world!

Home learning - week 6 - half term fun



I hope that you are all doing well. It was so lovely to speak to lots of your families last week. For those who were unable to answer the phone, I will try and ring again soon. In the meantime,if you need anything, do not hesitate to contact school.


Have you had a good week? Did you spoil your dad, granddad, uncle.... yesterday? I feel like my dad and Mr Metcalfe were both spoilt. They had Father's day and the both had their birthday this weekend! I spent a long time wrapping presents.


This week, we've been scarecrow spotting on our walks. Where I live, we have an annual scarecrow festival. People make scarecrows and put them outside their house. We have a map to show us where the scarecrows are. It's great fun seeing who can spot them first and deciding which is our favourite (so far mine is the pirate). We made  a couple (it was our first year making them). I think we need to improve before next year!laugh 


Do you remember when we learned about Orville and Wilbur Wright, who built and flew the first aeroplane? Well, my friend, who lives in America, went to the location of the first flight - Kitty Hawk. She sent me some photos. I thought of all of you wonderful year 1 children when I saw them.


Our home learning theme this week is chocolate. That sounds tasty! Enjoy learning about chocolate - and tasting it of course. My favourite activity is to read a book whilst eating a bar of chocolate. I look forward to seeing your chocolatey photos.


All of your teachers are very proud of you and miss you all lots.


Stay safe, wash your hands, be good, be active, keep smiling and enjoy some chocolate!


From Mrs Metcalfe.

Good morning,

It's a beautiful morning here with the sun shining, it hasn't been sunny all week though. Did any of you see the storm the other night? We went upstairs and looked out of the window and watched as it moved closer. There were some amazing flashes of lightning, I tried to get photos but I kept missing it, much to Orla's disappointment. Euan slept through it all. Apparently, there's another storm forecast for this afternoon so we will try and go for a walk before it gets here!


Last week, we went for a walk in a Nature Reserve with my mum and dad. It was so peaceful and we were the only people there so it was safe. It also meant that my mum and dad could be more than 2m away from us all of the time. We saw some beautiful butterflies, other bugs, newts and even a heron. This was exciting as, before I got married, I was called Miss Heron. I told my dad it must have been one of his relatives coming to say hello laugh.


What have you been doing to keep busy this week? I know a little boy in 1Me has been planting seeds that have already started to grow, I can't wait to see more photos soon.


Our theme this week is 'Under the Sea'. Once again, there are some lovely activities for you to complete. There are also a lot of great documentaries you could watch, including 'The Blue Planet' on BBC iplayer and 'The Dolphin Reef' on Disney+. Tomorrow (Tuesday 16th June)  is World Sea Turtle Day. I found this link, from two years ago, which has some interesting facts about sea turtles.  Here is a link for a beautiful video of thousands of sea turtles in Australia.

Enjoy completing the activities and remember to share your work with us.


Take care, stay safe, be good and keep smiling.

We are all very proud of you,


Mrs Metcalfe

What a big change there has been in the weather this past week. The gardens needed the rain but I hope that the sun comes back soon.  Did you go out and play in the rain?  Orla and Euan did, I could hear them laugh as I was sat inside enjoying a cup of coffee. They came back in after a few minutes. 

We’ve had quite a quiet week this week. We went for another walk past the zoo. This time we saw a rhino eating breakfast. We were really close to it, protected by fences of course. We also saw a lion prowling and heard it grunting. The loudest elephant trumpet I’ve ever heard made us jump a mile!


We’ve enjoyed sharing lots of books this week. We’ve read stories and looked through information books. Animal

information books are our favourite. What books have you enjoyed recently? 

The home learning theme for this week is space. There are lots of exciting activities for you to complete. Please share some of your work with us, it puts a big smile on our faces when you do.


As always, if you have any questions or need any help with anything, please contact school. 


We all miss you and are very proud of you all. 

Stay safe, be good, be active, wash your hands and keep smiling. 

From Mrs Metcalfe 


What beautiful weather we are having y1, I hope you’ve been enjoying it and remembering to put on sun cream and wear a hat!  

This week, we have been going for our walks early in the morning or in the evening, this way it is cooler and there aren’t many other people walking. It is important to stay 2m away from people! Some of you know, I live near Chester zoo. We are missing visiting the zoo, so this week we went for a walk nearby. We were lucky, through some fences, we spotted two elephants and a rhino - Euan’s favourite animals! Another day, we went for a walk along the beach. We had the whole beach to ourselves. It was worth getting up and out early!


Did you watch the launch of SpaceX? Wasn’t it amazing? Did any of you manage to stay up and watch it fly past later that night? If you took any photos I would love to see them.  Would you go into space, if you had the chance?


Our home learning theme for this week is ‘What a wonderful world’. There are some great ideas on there, you might be able to think of some of your own too. At the top of the page, there are also some basic skills activities which will help you with your reading, writing and maths. As always, please share some of your work as we love seeing photos of you and what you have been up to. 

If you need any help with anything, please contact school. All of your teachers miss you and are proud of you. Stay safe, keep smiling and be good. 

From Mrs Metcalfe. 

Wow, can you believe that it's May half-term already? I can't believe that you have been in Year 1 for nearly a full school year. Looking back, I can see how much you have all grown up. You are all considerate, caring and loving children who have a lot to give to our school community. Me and the other Y1 staff feel privileged to be your teachers.


I found out that a little boy in Y1 is 6 this week. Happy birthday! This has made me think; have we missed any other birthdays? If so, I hope you had a very happy day. A lockdown birthday is certainly one to remember!


So what have the Metcalfes been up to this week? We've been busy all week; we have spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the lovely weather. We have been on lots of walks. We like stopping at a pond and looking at the wildlife, this week we saw fish and newts. Today, as it was such a lovely day, we got the sprinkler out and spent a lot of the afternoon running through the cold water. It was more fun than it sounds!


Did I tell you that I managed to flood the bathroom and ruin the landing carpet? We had to chose new flooring, I decided to be brave and choose something totally different. It arrived this week and I'm not so sure I like it!  Mr Metcalfe has the lovely job of fitting it. I'll let you know what I think when it's down properly.


I love new books. One arrived though the post this week, from Amazon. It's called 'The Colour Monster'. It talks about the different feelings we have. After reading it, we talked about how we are feeling and how it is ok to feel different emotions.


As it is half term, we have decided not to send out a homework theme but have uploaded some fun activities in case you need any ideas. As always, we would love to see your photos!


All of your teachers miss you dearly and want you to be safe and happy. We are so proud of you all and how you have adapted to the changes.


Stay active, keep smiling and wash your hands.


From Mrs Metcalfe.

Home learning menu - week 5 - Dinosaurs

Home learning menu - week 4 - In my Liverpool home

Home learning menu - week 2 - bugs theme

Home learning menu - week 1 - colour theme

Natwest money lessons


Natwest bank are providing live maths/money lessons every Monday.  They also have lots of free, fun and interactive learning activities and games, which are a great way of way of introducing money topics at home.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Hello Year 1


How are you all? I hope you are well and managing to get out for walks while the weather has been good. I've just come back from a walk with Mr Metcalfe, Orla, Euan and Bonzo (the dog). Today on our walk, we spotted a teddy in a window with a sign saying that her name was Tinkerbell and she was 63 years old! That's old for a teddy bear. Have you been on a bear hunt while on your walks? How many bears have you seen? 

We've had another busy week. As part or Orla's homework, she made a healthy meal - it was very tasty. I hope she makes it again soon. Euan, for his homework, had to learn about the different continents and ocean. He had some very catchy songs to sing. I'll include them in one of homework themes so you can sing them too.


It was my big sister's 50th birthday (she's much, much older than me ). We went for a walk and gave her a card, gift and some balloons. Obviously, we stayed more than 2m away but it was lovely to see her and be able to wish her a happy birthday in person.


We decided to take our books with us on one of our walks, we found a peaceful spot - it was a great place to read. I hope that you have been reading lots of books. Where do you like to read? Send me a photo!


Have you seen our 'guess the teacher' photos on Twitter? Each day, we are uploading baby photos of your teachers. Why not have a look and guess who they are. The answers will be posted the following morning.


Did you enjoy the 'In our Liverpool Home' theme? Once again I saw some great work by children in both classes as well as from children in the hub. Keep up the hard work and remember to keep sending us some pictures.


This week's theme is dinosaurs, I hope you enjoy it. I know a little girl in 1Mc is watching 'Walking with dinosaurs'. I think we might watch it too. We also have a set of dinosaur Top Trumps cards that we enjoy playing. Have you ever played Top Trumps? Maybe you could make your own dinosaur set.


All of your teachers miss you lots, they want you to keep smiling, stay active, be good, wash your hands and stay safe.


From Mrs Metcalfe.

Good morning,


I hope that you are all happy and well. Have you had a good week? Do you have any news you would like to share? Remember, you can email school or post on our school Twitter account.


Did you complete any of the superhero activities on the home learning page? I saw some lovely writing by a boy in 1Me. He created a superhero who had the power of invisibility. I tried clicking my fingers but everyone could still see me! I also saw some colourful pop art, inspired by Lichtenstein. Who knew that we had such a talented artist in 1Mc?


Did you celebrate VE Day? I saw a photo of a little boy in 1Mc who decorated the outside of his house. We used our daily walk to go on a decoration hunt. It was a colourful walk.


This week, I discovered a great website, Orla and Euan used the number frames to create superheroes pictures. There was a lot of number talk while they were designing them.


On our Twitter account, some of the teachers have been posting pictures for a lockdown geography quiz. Do you know where my picture was taken?


How have you been keeping yourself active? Orla and Euan made a race track and timed each other. I'll try and post a video or a photo of it.


Remember to stay safe, keep washing your hands, listen to your grown ups, keep active and smile.


All of your teachers miss you and are very proud of you.


Mrs Metcalfe

Hello Year 1,


It's a lovely day, I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Last week, I rang all of your families and got to speak to a lot of you. It was lovely to hear your voices and to know that you are doing well. All of your grown ups are proud of you, just like we are. Some people were unable to answer the phone, so I will try again this week.


Last week, I mentioned the new phonics lessons, have you managed to try them yet? We like them but find that they can be a little long so we sometimes have a break in the middle.


Did you enjoy our bugs theme? I saw some amazing photos on Twitter this week, I especially like the bug hotels. Is there anything else you have achieved that you are proud of. A little boy in 1Mc has learned to ride his bike, well done! A boy in 1Me can do the plank for 30 seconds. Can you? I tried, I didn't quite make 30 seconds but never say never.


This week our theme is Heroes and Superheroes. I love watching superhero films with Mr Metcalfe, Orla and Euan but these aren't real people. There are many heroes in society that we are thinking about at the moment. All of you are my heroes. You are following the rules and being good for your grown ups. You are helping everyone. This is why we are so proud of you.

Who is your hero? Is it a member of your family who goes to work everyday? It could be the person who delivers your mail or it could be Captain Tom. Why not make a thank you poster for them.

I have two people in my family who are my heroes. Mr Metcalfe goes to work everyday and fixes the buildings where the doctors live at the hospitals. My niece, Amy, is 24. This might seem old to you but to me she's still very young. She's a doctor in a hospital. We make sure that we tell both of them how proud we are of them.


Do you know what I did at the weekend? I went to my first Zoom wedding. My friend was meant to be getting married on Saturday, the wedding she planned had to be cancelled. She decided to get married at home with the celebrant at another location. We were able to watch on the computer. Before hand, I was a little unsure of how it would work but I can tell you that it was beautiful. I was delighted that I was part of such a special day. Have you managed to stay in touch with your friends?


Year 1, remember to stay safe, keep active, wash you hands and listen to your grown ups.

All of you teachers are proud of you and miss you.



Mrs Metcalfe

Hello Year 1 


A big thank you to the children who shared photos of their wonderful work on Twitter this week. I love seeing what you are doing, it really does put a smile on my face. This week, myself, Orla and Euan completed some of the colour activities (I'll check to see if I took any photos) as well as the homework they have been set by their teachers. Orla has to research the Beatles, we've been listening to lots of their songs. Euan has to find out more about Florence Nightingale. Do you know who she is?

We've also been keeping ourselves busy. We've been gardening, painting the shed, playing football, doing cartwheels (not me!) and creating a crazy golf course! I hope you've been keeping active too.


Below, you will find this week's home learning sheet, the topic is 'Bugs'.  Why not make the most of the lovely weather and go outside on a bug hunt?


Starting today, Monday 27th April, there will be daily phonics lessons on Youtube. I was excited when I heard about these. Phonics is such an important part of reading and writing. I enjoy our daily phonics lessons and know how hard you all work during them. This is an excellent way to continue your learning.


Well that's it from me for now. Remember, all of your teachers miss you, wash your hands, listen to your grown ups, stay active and keep safe.



Mrs Metcalfe

A big hello to all of our wonderful year 1 children!


I hope that you are all well, enjoying your time at home, being good and staying safe.

I know that it is a bit strange doing your school work at home and I know at times it can be tricky, especially if your grown ups have to work or have jobs to do. (I have the same problem with Orla and Euan.) However, it is important to keep busy, so we have decided to produce a weekly homework menu for the whole school.  Each week will have a theme. This week's theme is colours, the menu is attached below. You can choose which activities you would like to do. You might want to start by listening to the story, 'The Day the Crayons Quit'

Please share any picture of you completing your work or your completed work on our school Twitter account @ChrissiesSpeke or email them to Mrs Gaskell, We love seeing photos and hearing about what you have been up to. This week I have seen some lovely work on Purple Mash and I have noticed that some of you have been on Spelling Shed. Well done.


Keep smiling, stay active, wash your hands and stay safe.


We miss seeing your smiling faces each day.

From Mrs Metcalfe

With many of our children at St Christopher's, as well as other schools around the country, having to self-isolate due to COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) we want to make sure that the children are still learning while at home. To help with this, we have created a sample timetable for learning at home, which you can find below.


We have created a home learning menu around a certain theme, with a selection of activities that you may want to do at home.  A new menu will be uploaded each week with a different theme.  We hope you enjoy trying some of the activities.


Spelling and Maths Shed will also be updated weekly with different tasks.


Below are English and maths activities that are easy to follow from Hamilton Trust.  They will be added each week so that they are there for you if you need them. 


In addition, there is also a link to the White Rose website.  This is the scheme we use to support our maths planning in school.  The link takes you to their home learning page, which has a series of lesson ideas to follow.


Finally, have a fantastic website that offers lots of wonderful resources and ideas. We have downloaded some of the activities to keep your child(ren) busy and learning while they cannot attend school. You can also find them below.

Happy Easter,


Did you have a lovely time with your family, eating lots of chocolate? I hope you've saved some chocolate for me! Orla and Euan woke up early to find that the Easter Bunny had left an Easter egg hunt. They were very excited.

This week I saw some lovely work completed on Purple Mash by a girl from 1Me. I left a message on your work for you.  Our school Twitter account shared some beautiful Easter pictures by a boy in 1Me and his big sister. Thank you. Please keep sharing your work, they make me smile.


This week's task: Printing with household items. If you have paint, can you make a picture by printing with different household objects? You could use a potato, a potato masher, a fork or a sponge. What other items could you use? Remember to only use things you already have at home. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.


Remember to be good, be active, keep smiling and stay safe.

We miss you.

From Mrs Metcalfe.

I'm just checking in to say hello and see how you all are. I hope that you are all well, being good, keeping active and most importantly staying safe. This week, I was delighted to receive an email with photos of work that a boy in 1Mc had done. He has certainly been keeping himself busy. Well done. On Twitter, I also saw photos of books and work completed by a boy in 1Me, well done. These photographs really do make me feel happy and proud to be your teacher, please keep sending them.

I have noticed that a few of you have been going onto spelling shed and completing spelling and maths activities, new activities will be put on regularly. Well done. If you have competed an activity, I have given you a reward on spelling shed which you can use to edit your avatar. I have also added some fun activities on Purple Mash for you to try.

We have added some Easter activities that you might like to complete over the next couple of weeks, if you can do so with the resources you already have at home. 

Remember, all of your teachers miss you lots and are looking forward to seeing you as soon as we can.

From Mrs Metcalfe

Hello 1Mc,


I hope that you are all happy, well and looking after yourselves. I have added some more activities onto our class page. I am not expecting you to do them all but they are there if you are looking for some activities to complete. I would love to see some photographs of you keeping yourself busy at home. Last week, I was emailed a photo of some lovely writing one of the boys in 1Me had done. It put a big smile on my face. Thank you. Remember you can email your photos to Mrs Gaskell or you can share them on Twitter @ChrissiesSpeke . Talking about Twitter, have you seen the St Christopher's Loo Roll Challenge we recorded and put on Twitter for you? I think you'll like it.


I have another task that you could try. Whilst you have been at home, I am sure that you have had lots of fun, used your imagination and played many games. Why not write a poem about some of the games you enjoy playing? Last year, the children in year 1 did this. Their videos are on the website in the English tab (go into Key information and curriculum first). Have fun watching them. When you have completed your poem please share them with me.


Year 1, remember to keep reading, learn your number bonds, have fun and stay safe. All of your teachers miss you.


From Mrs Metcalfe


PS I'm still checking Spelling Shed!

English Literacy Counts March 2020

Homework Menu Spring 2

Homework Menu Spring 1

Year 1 Curriculum overview

A big hello from all of the Year 1 staff.


We hope that you are doing well and looking after yourselves. 

We have a challenge for you. For our topic about animals, we were due to make a free standing animal enclosure. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to do this.  During your time at home, we would like you to make an enclosure for one of your toys. Or perhaps you would prefer to build Rapunzel's tower!

We would love to see pictures of these and any other activities you do. They could be posted onto our school Twitter account @ChrissiesSpeke

Remember, we miss you all, be good, have fun, listen to your grown up and stay safe.

We'll see you soon.


At 9am every morning, starting from Monday 23rd March, Joe Wicks is hosting a 30 minute free fitness workout for children of all ages and even adults can get involved! This can be found online by going to

Exercise is a great way to help us feel happier, more energised and more optimistic.

Me, Orla and Euan will be joining in. I hope that you do too. Post some pictures on our school twitter page so that I can see you.

Love from Mrs Metcalfe


In Year 1 we teach phonics daily. Phonics is the learning and application of the letters and sounds children need in order to read and write. Phonics is split into phases based on children's development. Links to phonics games can be found at the bottom of the page. Please play these games with your child.

Welcome to Class 1Mc.

Our teacher is Mrs Hanstock.  Our learning support assistant is Mrs Riding.


We always try our best and have lots fun while we learn in Year 1!


Class information


Diary Dates




We would recommend that you leave your child's PE bag in school until half term. 


PE is on a Wednesday so please ensure your child has full kit including red t-shirt, blue shorts and black pumps. Ensure all of your child's PE kit and school uniform are clearly named.


Book Bags


We don't have a set day to change reading books.  Please can your child bring their book bag to school everyday. Thank you. It is important that you read with your child when they bring home a new book. Please check for any letters that may have been placed in their book bag.




Wednesday is spelling test day in Year 1.  This is also the day the children will bring home their words for the next weeks test.  Due to parental demand all children now bring home a slip to inform you of how well they have done in their weekly test.


The Spelling Shed and Maths Shed

Our school has signed up to 'The Spelling Shed'. Your child has taken home a password which will enable them to log onto the site. The spellings for the week will be on there for the children to learn in a fun way. There will also be a score board. Let's make our class be the top spellers in the school






Homework Menu


Every half term, a homework menu will be given out with a selection of tasks to be completed, across all areas of the curriculum. It is your choice how many you complete, however you must do at least one and hand it in by the end of the half term. Your completed work will be celebrated. 


Image result for menu clipart

Autumn Term


Our first half term in 1Mc will be  exciting as we will be getting to know our new teachers, areas of the classroom and how we learn in year 1.


We will be learning about the different ways we can make numbers, use number lines and have even practice how to spell numbers to 10!


Our first English topic is Alliteration in poems. We will then look at the Percy the Park Keeper story, After the storm. We will learn a shortened version of the story, create actions for it and answer questions about it. We will re-write it changing it from an Autumn setting to a winter setting. 


Our first topic will be 'Seasons'. We will learn about how the weather and trees change throughout the year. 


Number Day