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Week Beginning 22.2.21

This week our theme is based on the book 'Superbat'. Have fun learning and remember to send us some photographs of the work you have been doing. You can do this through Twitter, Class Dojo or Purple Mash!

We have also extended our Phonics lessons to include a Ditty task which involves a reading and writing task.  The video below might be worth a watch before starting lessons this week.

Reading with and to your child is one of the best things you can do to help them learn and spend time together, developing a love for books. Below is a list of resources and stories that you can use at home. Enjoy!

Reading at Home


Daily PE ideas


Monday:    'Just Dance' Dance 1 Dance Monkey -  & Dance 2 - Savage Love

Create a warm up, complete the 2 dances and create a cool down. Enjoy!


Tuesday:    Cosmic yoga - Disco. 



Joe Wicks -                   


Thursday: WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  STEP UP! Using your bottom stair only, how many steps can you do in 30 seconds? 

Watch Dame Kelly Holmes' demo - Tweet your results @ChrissiesSpeke 



Friday: HUNT: Physical Exercise Power walk Treasure Hunt. With adult permission, take a power walk and look out for ... rocks/stones, leaves, numbers and letters. Complete the table attached.