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Welcome to 3P's Class Page!

Hello everybody in 3P! I have noticed that some of you are logging into Purple Mash and leaving beautiful pictures and pieces of writing for me.  If you can login, I can see your fabulous work and leave you a comment or an award. I hope everyone is having a lovely Mother's Day xxxyes

Mrs Pierlejewski.  :-) 

With many of our children at St Christopher's, as well as other school around the country, having to self-isolate due to COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) we want to make sure that the children are still learning while at home. have a fantastic website that offers lots of wonderful resources and ideas. We have downloaded some of the activities to keep your child(ren) busy and learning while they cannot attend school. You can find them below.

English Literacy Counts March 2020

Thank you for checking out our class page. The class teacher is Mrs Pierlejewski.  Our support assistants are Mrs Pownall, Miss Jones and Mrs LaHive. On this page you will find information about trips, spellings and all of the exciting things that we will be doing this year.


Book Bags

Please can your child bring their book bag to school as often as possible - this can be everyday. Your child will bring home a reading book and activities. Please feel free to write any comments about how they got on in the reading diary. Children read their home reading book once a week with Mrs Pownall. 



Children will receive weekly spellings on Mondays and will have a spelling test the following Friday.


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name. 


P.E kit is every week on Fridays. P.E kit is kept in school and is sent home half termly for washing and returning to school. 


Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs Pierlejewski and year 3 support staff. 

A big welcome back to school! We hope you have had a fantastic summer and are ready for lot of learning in Year 3.

Take a look at what we will be getting up to…

Autumn Term 1.

English- Myths and Legends.

Poetry: We will be learning about Haiku and Tanaka poem by exploring syllable patterns. We will base our poems on mythical creatures and perform them to an audience.

Fiction: We will be learn the myth of Pandora’s Box through actions and drama activities. We will use this to create our own Myths and Legends.

Maths- Place Value

This term we will be looking at Place Value. We will be comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000. Reading and writing number up to 1000 using both numerals and words and we will be counting in multiple of 50s and 100s. We will also start Addition and Subtraction. We will be learning lots of different mental and written methods to add and subtract numbers up to 3 digits.


Home – God’s dream for every family.

We explore how God is present in every home. This is expressed through the love that binds the family together within the home through the good times and the home.

Big Question:

What does home mean to you?

How is God present in my life?

Promises- Promises made a Baptism.

We explore the promises made at baptism and confirmation and how they are the call to a new way of life. We look at how the church welcomes us into God’s family.

Big Question:

What does it mean to make a promise?

How can we help others keep promises?

Topic- Contrasting Counties 

In topic we will contrast Merseyside with Cumbria. We will look closely at the geographical regions and identity human and physical characteristics and how some aspects have changed over time. We will study Light  in science.

PE – Fridays