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Below you will find lots of information about our class, including what we have been up to. From March 8th 2021, when all children returned to school, class teachers will be providing work via Class Dojo if children are isolating at home. By clicking on the Learning from Home star you will still find a weekly timetable and other links to support learning

Happy New Year to everyone in Year 5 and to your families.

We are so sorry not to be with you at the moment. Please go onto the isolating at home star. If you go to the rainbows for the Spring term you will find lots of activities to keep you busy. In the topic section for this week there are lots of lovely things to do, based on our theme of HOPES AND DREAMS. There are also some English and Maths activities. 

Stay safe and we hope to see your smiling faces soon!

Welcome back Year 5! I hope you have had a lovely relax over the summer and have had lots of fun with your family and friends! I can't wait to hear all about it! I know it has been a long time since most of you have been into school, but we are so excited to have you all back and looking forward to the year ahead.

Teacher: Miss Mathers

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Hughes

Half Term Reading

Below is a link to our Autumn Reading Bingo. We would like you to complete as many of the reading tasks as you can and share your completed bingo board with us on Twitter @ChrissiesSpeke.

You can access free online books by signing up at 

Autumn Reading Bingo

Below you will find lots of information about our class, including what we have been up to, homework, reading book days and PE. If you are having to stay at home due to self isolation, please click on the isolating at home star, which will take you to a new page containing activities that will help you to keep pace with your class. They cover the key learning points of the week and should be completed along with home reading , spelling and times table practise.

General Information



Reading books will be given out on a Monday and must be returned on a Friday. 


Spellings will be taken home on Mondays and there will be a test on a Friday morning.

Spellings for week beginning: 30th November
Very important letter to parents about swimming in Year 5! Please read.


PE will take place every Wednesday afternoon. Please come to school dressed in your PE kit on that day. 

Make sure you bring in your own water bottle each day, to help keep you properly hydrated in school.
Our first topic this year is COLOURS. During this theme, we explored feelings and emotions as well as colours.  Firstly we listened to the story 'The day the crayons quit'. We explored the feelings of the characters in the book and used this as a stimulus to write poems. We used colours to describe how we were feeling and used the Dr Seuss book, 'My Many Coloured Days', to carry out a P4C session. We also used this book to write descriptions of what we would be if we felt a certain colour on that day.
In Science we made our own rainbows by adding warm water to skittles. Have a look at the beautiful results.

During our topic on SOUND we have had lots of fun doing different scientific experiments. We found out that sound is caused by VIBRATIONS and investigated this with tuning forks in water and rice on drums. We made telephones out of plastic cups and string and discovered that the sound travelled along the string so that we could hear each other. We also investigated PITCH by hitting BOOMWHACKERS, which are tubes of different lengths. We observed that the shorter the tube, the higher the pitch and the longer the tube, the lower the pitch.

We finished off by designing and making our own musical instruments.

In English, we looked at a Michael Rosen poem called, 'The Sound Collector'. We used this as a stimulus to write our own poems about a stranger who mysteriously arrives and collects the sounds around him or her until there is only silence. We also wrote sets of instructions about how to make our musical instruments.

Look what happens when we hit a tuning fork and then put it into water!


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Some examples of our writing during the Sound Topic.