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C@N (Calculating @ Nine)


You C@N Do it!

Calculating @ (at) Nine is a programme we have introduced this year to Year 3 - 6 to promote and develop basic skills in mathematics. The C@N challenges include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, doubling and halving and using known facts to solve larger problems. It reminds children how repeated addition is related to multiplication and repeated subtraction is related to repeated subtraction. It also reinforces how halving is related to dividing by two and doubling is related to multiplying by 2. 


Each week, children complete 3 or 4 C@N challenges. If a child completes their level successfully, they move up to the next level. Their name is then placed on the Maths Wall in the school corridor and, on their way to assembly every Friday, children are able to see if they have moved up! It is proving to be a roaring success, with some children even moving up 14 levels since we started! 

Year 6 Maths Ambassadors Marking the C@N Books