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Look at the powerpoint all about noun phrases. Remember a noun is a name (person, place or a thing).


Can you write some sentences using noun phrases?


Here is my example:


I sat on the brown couch.


See if you can then expanded it.


I sat on the comfy, brown couch. 

Lesson 3. 


Have you ever been on a journey?


Where did you go?


Who did you go with?


How did you get there?


What did you see?


Lesson 4


Imagine you could go on a journey to anywhere you wanted to.


Where would you go? What would you see?


Here is my example:

If I could go anywhere I wanted I would go to the moon. I would see lots of sparkly, shiny stars glowing in the dark. I would travel on my silver, fast spaceship. I would take my mum and my teddy bear with me because I would want lots of cuddles.

Lesson 5.


Here is a powerpoint about Conjunctions. See if you can join the two short sentences.