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Lesson 1.


Use the link below to find out what a noun is.


Walk round your house. Make a list of as many nouns you can find.


Can you put 5 of them into a sentence?

Look through the powerpoint. We are trying to use apostrophes to show that something belongs to someone.


The cat's arms.


The dog's tail.


Can you think of your own?


Underneath is a worksheet to complete. 

Lesson 3.


Watch the youtube video of our new text, 'A River'.


Can you draw all the places that Tom went to?


For each one write a sentence to describe it.




The gloomy forest had tall green trees. 

Lesson 4.


Imagine you could go on a journey like Tom.


Where would you go?


Think of a starting place.


Pick 3 events or places you will visit.


Where will your journey end?


Lesson 5. 


Remind yourself of your planned journey from lesson 4. 


Can you draw a story map to show all the places you would visit?


Can you write a sentence to describe each place?