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Well done!


You have made the nice list that Santa has.


Now just so you stay on the nice list can you tell Santa why you have made the nice list.


Here is my letter to Santa, this may help you.


Dear Santa,


Thank you for putting my name on the nice list. This year I have tried really hard in school with all my work.


I have been helping my Mum keep our house tidy.


When my friend is sad I give her a hug to make her happy.


Happy Christmas Santa.


Me xxx (you can put your name here!)



See if you can write a short list for me.


I want to go the shops and buy something yummy for my tea.


Using commas can you write me a list. 



Lesson 3. 


Today you are going to write a list of all the thigs you would like for Christmas. 


This list will help you write your letter.


Remember you need to be specific in what you ask for.


Below are some examples to help you.


For Christmas, I would like a brown, fluffy teddy bear.


I would love a shiny, glittery, red dress.


I am asking for a fast, stripy, blue car.





Lesson 4.


Today we are going to write a letter to Santa.


You need to start your letter with


Dear Santa,




To Father Christmas,


Make sure you ask for what you want.


At the end tell him who it is from.


Love from Max




From Sam

Address an envelope and send your letter to Santa.


Draw a picture for Santa and write a Christmas message to him.