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Lesson 1: LO Can I write sentences about a picture?

Look at picture of the scene at the start of the video. Ask the children to answer the questions below.

• What can you see?

• Where is it?

• What time of day/year is it?

• Who do you think it is in the middle of the image?

Lesson 2: LO Can I answer questions on what I have seen?

Pause the film at 12 seconds. 

• What does Mrs Claus give to Santa to keep him comfortable?

• How does the director try to make them look like two normal people?

 • Who are these letters from? 

• Who are they for?

Questions to answer about the clip

Lesson 3: LO: Can I discuss what has happened and answer questions?

Discussion time after each clip has been watched. Ask your adult to watch and discuss with you.


Pause the film at 31 secs. 

• What instructions does she give to Father Christmas?

• What does the phrase ‘easily done’ tell us about Father Christmas?


Pause the film at 1min 4 seconds

 • What is the little boy’s name?

• How old is he?

• What is his sister’s name?

 • What is his dog’s name?

• What type of things make his sister angry?

• Is she angry when Tiger chews her trainers?


Pause the film at 1 min 20 secs 

• What do you think Jake is going to ask Mrs Claus for?

• Why has he written to Mrs Claus and not to Father Christmas?

• How do their delivery methods differ?

• Who is cooler Father Christmas or Mrs Claus?


Watch the film until the end.

 • Why does Mrs Claus like to keep secrets from Father Christmas?

• Why do you think the film maker shows Mrs Claus eating two mince pies?

 • Do you think this is an effective advert for Marks and Spencers (A clothes and food shop)?

Lesson 4: LO: Can I write a write a letter asking for something for someone else?


Write a letter to Mrs Claus asking for something for somebody else. You may ask for a present for someone you have upset. For your parents, who always have to tidy up their bedroom or for a friend you have fell out with. You must include reasons why.



Lesson 5- Adverts


Look at the link below.


Watch at least 4 different adverts for Christmas.

Pick which one you like the best and tell me why.


I like the snowman one because

The chocolate one made me laugh so I thought it was the best.