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By the end of this week, you will have written a poem about your hopes and dreams.  It can be as imaginative as you want it to be. Before you write it, we will firstly recap some poetry techniques that you could use, spend some time planning (thinking about what you are going to include) and looking at some examples (you might want to magpie some of the ideas).

Lesson 1 - similes, imagery, onomatopoeia and personification. Look at the explanations and examples on the sheet to recap what these are and then write some examples of your own. Yo don't need to prin the sheet for this, you can do this on a Word document or a piece of paper.

Lesson 2 - planning. Firstly look at the examples below. Then open the planning sheet and complete the first part. If you haven't got printer, don't worry, just write your ideas onto paper.

Lesson 3 - It's time to write your poem.  This can be done on paper or computer.  Remember to add colour and pictures. Use the examples and your plan from yesterday to help you.