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                          The Hope-o-potamus

Read The Hope-o-potamus and answer the questions below!

1) In the first verse, why was the hippopotamus sad?

2) Can you give a word to describe the giraffe? 

3) What do you think 'convince' means? 

4) Which word means to get better? 

5) Where was the camel sitting?

6) Give adjectives to describe the jungle.

7) What scorched the hippopotamus' shoulders?

8) How did the animals describe the hippopotamus?

Correct these sentences in the Punctuation Puzzle!

-Think of a time when you have had a dream or wish to do something but you found it challenging. What did you do to carry on and fulfil your dream? Can you make a poster showing your dream and how you fulfilled it?


-Can you write a paragraph describing the hippopotamus using adjectives?

E.g The huge, grey hippopotamus stomps heavily as his gigantic feet sink into the squelchy, stinky mud by the lake.


- Can you retell the story to someone that you live with? See if you can retell it in 60 seconds or less!