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From January 2021, we will be using Read, Write Inc for our phonics, reading and English lessons. Read, Write Inc  (RWI) lessons follow a structure which is new to our children.

I am sharing videos of some RWI lessons. Even though they might be sounds and words your children can read,I would still like you and your child to watch them as they will intorduce you both to the routine and language used during RWI lessons. Thank you.

What did Gerald wish he could do? How did he feel during different parts of the story?


Gerald the giraffe is clumsy, and thinks he’s bad at dancing. The other animals see him and his clumsiness and conclude that giraffes can’t dance.

  1. What was Gerald good at? Why was he good at it?
  2. Why did Gerald think he was bad at dancing?
  3. Why does Gerald feel sad that he can’t dance?
  4. Should Gerald feel sad?


The cricket believes that Gerald can dance when Gerald doesn’t. He challenges Gerald to try something different.

  1. How does Gerald overcome his own doubt that he can dance? How does the cricket help Gerald?
  2. Gerald does not believe in himself, but cricket believes in him. Have you ever been in a similar situation, where you didn’t think you could do something, but a friend or parent did?
  3. In the end, why was Gerald able to dance?

Baby bear wished he could do something. What was it? Think about how he was feeling in different parts of the story.

Questions to answer:

  1. Where did Baby Bear want to go?
  2. What reared out of the clouds?
  3. What did Baby Bear and Owl do on the moon?
  4. How did Baby Bear get back into the house?
  5. What did Baby Bear use as a rocket?
  • The story starts with a question. Can you think of other questions? How do we show that a sentence is a question? What words are usually used to start questions?
  • Could you act out the story with your family? Which characters will you need to have? Will you use any props?
  • Baby Bear goes 'Whoosh!' out into the night. Can you think of other words to describe how something can travel quickly (or slowly)?