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Lesson 1


We have been doing lots of work in English on Rose Blanche, diary writing and World War Two. 
Today, we would like you to plan and write a diary as if you are an evacuee being evacuated from your family home in Liverpool to the countryside.  Think about what you would take, how you would get there, who would be with you and how you would be feeling. 


* Past tense (already happened)

* First person (I, me, my, us, we)

* Capital letters and full stops.

* Adjectives to describe things you have seen and how you felt.

* Expanded noun phrases e.g. thick, black smoke billowing from the train

* Prepositions (place or time)

* Fronted adverbials (sadly, as the sun rose, without thinking)

Lesson 2


For the next 3 weeks, we will be leading up writing our own version of a bravery speech.  To set the scene, use the links below to watch some clips from The Pride of Britain Awards.

Lessons 3 and 4


Look at the letter from the editor below, which outlines your task that needs to be completed by the end of week 3.


Then use the model text and Irena Sendler quotes below about bravery and courage to explore what we mean by courage and bravery.


What themes of bravery did Irene Sendler show throughout her life?


Look at dictionary definitions and discuss the differences between courage and bravery.


Finish this sentence:


Bravery is ...


Then see if you can fins synonyms (different words with the same meaning) for bravery and write these down.



Lesson 5 


Look at the Model Text again and read  it. Underline or note down any unfamiliar words or phrases.


This is a speech that is meant to be spoken when presenting a bravery award to someone. It helps the audience to understand why the person deserves the award and the language reflects the way the recipient should be praised for their deeds.


Look at the unfamiliar words sheet below.  Using an online dictionary, can you find and write down the meaning?


Then try to write your own sentences with the words in to show that you understand their meaning.  You could do the same for any other words that you underlined that are not on the sheet below.