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Listen to the story up to 'The came to a giant's castle.'

One night, when everybody else was asleep…. Tom was still awake, reading with his torch. He had nearly finished his book… when a huge hand tried to steal his teddy! Tom’s teddy was pulled through the window and thrown into a sack. Tom tried to hold on, but he slipped down a massive arm, swung on a big iron key… and slithered down a mighty leg. The Teddy Robber was a GIANT! Off went the giant with great long strides, while Tom clung on tight to a bootstrap. They came to the giant’s castle…

Ask your child -

  1. Was it late when Tom was reading?
  2. Where did the giant place the teddy?
  3. What word means the same as slide?
  4. What did Tom do to stop him from falling to the floor?

Listen to the story up to 'and shed a single tear.'

Tom clambered up the steep steps after the giant… higher, and higher, and higher…until they came to a giant door. Through the door was a vast room. Tom climbed up the huge table leg, and saw the giant with a sack of stolen teddies. The giant picked up the teddies one by one. He looked at each bear very carefully. Then the giant sighed a great sigh and shed a single tear.

Ask the following questions

1 Who did Tom follow up the steep steps?

2 What did Tom see that the giant had?

3 How do you know the giant felt sad?

Read the text until 'they looked under the bed.'

He picked up all the teddies and a big iron key. He took the key to a huge cupboard. Inside were….all the lost teddies in the world. The giant locked the cupboard. Then he turned round and saw Tom. “Who are you?” he boomed. “I’m Tom and you stole my teddy!” “I’ve lost my teddy,” wailed the giant. “That’s why I’m the Teddy Robber.” And he sat down on his bed and sobbed. “Cheer up,” said Tom. “Blow your nose, and I’ll help you look for him.” They looked under the bed.

Ask the following questions

1 Why does the giant need a key?

2 What was inside the cupboard?

3 How do you know the giant felt sad?

4 How did Tom help?

Read to ‘perhaps your teddy in on the shelf.’

They looked in the fridge. They looked in the cupboards. They looked in the dirty clothes basket. They looked everywhere. “We’ll never find him,” said the giant, and they sat down and had a mug of cocoa together. “Would you like a biscuit?” asked the giant politely. “The biscuits are on your pillow,” said Tom. “They ought to be on the shelf – the pillow is where my teddy used to be.” And he began to cry all over again. “If the biscuits are on your pillow,” said Tom,” then perhaps your teddy is… on the shelf!”

Ask the following questions

1 In what places did they look?

2 Where were the biscuits?

3 Where does Tom think the teddy might be?

Read to the end of the text.

“My teddy! My teddy! You’ve found him! How can I ever thank you?” “First you can give me back my teddy and then you must put back all those stolen teddies – straight away!” said Tom. So together Tom and giant worked all through the night to put the lost teddies back in their beds. When they finished, Tom went safely to bed with his teddy… and the giant cuddled up with teddy and was soon fast asleep.

Ask the following questions

1 What did Tom tell the giant he must do?

2 Which words tell us putting the teddies back took a long time?

3 What happened after the giant cuddled up with his teddy?