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Lesson 1
Today, we received a letter from Major Glad.  Read the letter. Are there any questions you want to ask him? Write your questions, remember to use a question mark at the end of your question.

Lesson 2


Look at the words and phrases. What do they mean?

Read the model text. Can you find our new words and phrases in the text?

How is Major Glad feeling? Why?

Think about the other events that take place in the story. How is Major Glad feeling then? Match the event to the emotion card. What other words can you think of to describe his emotions?

Lesson 3


Re-read the model text. Talk about the questions.

Lesson 4


Look at the pictures from our story. Act out the different scenes. Think about

• What has your soldier just done/what has happened?

• How is your soldier feeling?

• What do you think your soldier would like to say to the other soldier?

• What question would your soldier ask the other soldier?

Lesson 5