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One of my favourite Just Dance routines.


In today's lesson we are going to compare number sentences. Watch the teaching slide with your child. Children will use language such as ‘greater than’, ‘less than’, and ‘equal to’ to compare  addition and subtraction number sentences to a number. Your child has used these words and symbols before but may need help. Children may use real items to help them see the number sentence. Help your child to write down their answer to question 1 on the worksheet and use items in your house to complete the rest of the questions in a practical way.

Help your child by using any items to support the following questions-What do we mean by the word ‘greater’?
What do we mean by the term ‘less’?
__ + __ is greater than, less than or equal to __ (eg 3+4 is greater than 2 or 3+4>2)
Which is greater, __ + __ or __ ?
What method did you use? (use real items in your home to help your child work out the addition number sentence first to then help them to compare the amounts.
What number could go in the box?