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Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in.

Reading- The Glassmaker's Daughter

 Here is the link for the story.


Can you find out the meaning of these words?



Read the passage below.



Can you sequence these parts of the story?



Can you answer these questions?






PSHE – Going for Goals – Break a goal down into small steps.                    

Think about all you know about achieving  ‘goals’.

Think back to last week and your preferred learning styles’ – can you remember the three different learning styles?


Sometimes we have long and short term goals – achieving a goal is more to do with how we do it and what we do, rather than external factors eg – the weather or luck.


Setting a goal involves us using our problem solving skills and we have to think about our immediate goal and what we want in the long term.


Read part 1 of Daisy and Rehana (link below) – What do you think Rehana’s Dad meant when he said, ‘ You could eat an elephant one bite at a time’?

How could this help you to achieve your goal?


Activity – Come up with a plan for Daisy and Rehana to achieve their goal. What are they going to have to do? Complete the ladder resource sheet (link below) of the steps needed.    If you cannot print the sheet draw a ladder on paper and add the steps. 


Eg – how much does Alton towers cost? How can we make the money to go? How will we get there? What will we do when we are there? Will we need to wear certain clothes? What do we need to take with us?



Music- Lesson 2 -What’s outside? - You will listen to sounds from outside, make the sounds and do some drawing depending on what you hear. 


Can you sing the song ‘Baby Shark’.  Use the you tube link below if you want the music.


How slowly can you all sing it?

How quickly can you all sing it?

Move around your  space singing it slowly and quickly.


Activity 1

Listen to some of Lark Ascending. Use the link below.

Listen from 5.15- 6.24 (end).


Vaughan Williams is the composer.

Do you know what a composer is?


A composer is the person who writes the music.


What was he writing about? 


Activity 2.


The composer was so inspired by the lark and the beautiful countryside around him that he wrote some music. 

“I wonder what we can hear around us?”.


Go to an outside space ; your garden, the park, whatever you have is great!


Listen really, really carefully.

What can you hear? 

 When you hear a sound can youmake the sound of the things you hear!

For example; 

  •  A loud DING or brrrrr (rolling toungue) for the bell
  • A vrrrrrrooooom for some cars etc.
  • Some music (hum the tune)
  • A bird singing (tweet, tweet, tweet)



Find four sounds.


Activity 3

If you can record your outdoor sounds on a tablet or smartphone- you can record both the real sound and you making the sound!


Record the sounds on your tablet and listen to them inside.


Warm down


Stay outside and sing a song that you love singing.