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Wake-up work-answer 4 quick maths questions


Friday: Dance with our school coach Helen McCarron or Wild Workout with Andy.

RECEPTION & K S 1(can be done by any age) 

Andy's WildWorkout

Read Write Inc.


Today we are recapping the sounds we have looked at this week. Open the powerpoint and complete the tasks.

Reading-Lesson 5: The spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt


Read the passage below.

Complete the questions below

Maths - Multiplication sentences using pictures


This week is Children's Mental Health Week. This year's theme is 'Express Yourself' and it's all about finding ways to share your feelings, thoughts or ideas through creativity. There will be daily activities set to support this.

Today's activities are:

DailyXpress session - Fabulous Friday (what makes us feel great), yr 1-6, RAISE Team

DRESS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF DAY-Children to wear their favourite colour

PSHE - Good to be me – week 2   - ‘Relaxed’ – page 15.

INTRO – Spend a few minutes doing something on your own – indep reading / watching a short video clip / lying on the floor in silence / listening to peaceful music.


How did it make you  feel? What you think about it– happy, pleased, enjoyable?

Look at  the ‘Feelings detective’ poster and talk about the feelings- anxious, sad, sleepy, frustrated, relaxed, annoyed, angry, pleased, content, worried, shy.


What activities make you feel...sad? Anxious? Shy?


ACTIVITY – Children to draw activities. Put them in order of most relaxed to least relaxed activity.  Write down some words to explain how they might be feeling. 




Music -  Adventure 4 - Lets do some singing Goal- To do some singing, and think of new words for a song.

Warm-up Play musical statues with The Lark Ascending. Encourage the children to move to how the music sounds i.e how the Lark is moving?


Activity 1 Sing this song (to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star); Larks are happy flying high, Gliding through the bright blue sky Singing sweetly lots of songs, Singing sweetly all day long, Larks are happy flying high, Gliding through the bright blue sky!

You can listen to an example of this on The Lark Ascending page on the Ten Pieces website (Larks Are Happy…)




Activity 2

Ask the children, “I wonder how you would like to sing this song now?”

Here are some options:

● Loud

● Quiet

● Fast (Go as fast as you can!)

● Slow

● Like a giant

● Like a robot


Activity 3

Play about with the words!

Use the words you’ve been singing as an outline, but now try changing them! For example, change

the middle two lines...