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Mini Town Planner Day

Hello year 3 and 4, today is a little bit different. Both in school and at home your teachers are asking you to design a new high street. Hopefully some of you managed to attend the free zoom workshop on Saturday.


The people who run our city have asked for inspiration from the children of Liverpool. We would like you to design a high street which considers the environment and the well being of the people who live in it. 


Your lesson will take you through some important discussions about climate change, inclusivity, community and well being...tricky? Don't worry the teaching slides and videos will give you plenty of ideas.


Once you have your notes and ideas you can begin the build. You might decide to draw, sketch, paint, craft or build your city. You might want to use Lego or cardboard...the choice is yours, but please share your finished work on class Dojo and twitter @ChrissiesSpeke. 


Good Luck



Open Presentation 1 to begin your lessons. Micro city template is there if you would like to use it. 

Reading and Writing Lessons

Lesson 1- English
Lesson 2-Reading 

Remember to share your work on class Dojo!