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Read, Write, Inc.


Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video.


Have a watch and join in. 

Reading: Once Upon A Wild Wood.


Here is the link for the story: Watch from 11:18-the end.



Can you find out the meanings of these words?



1.What do you think will happen next?


Comprehension Questions:

A What did Little Green do with her strong, straight stick?

B Which words are used to describe the woods?

C What impression of the woods does this give you? Would you like to go there and why?








PSHE: Going for Goals -  ‘My goals’ – week 2


Remind yourself of your goal from last week. What do you hope to achieve this year?  


In order to achieve our goal we might have to learn something new.


We all learn in best in our preferred learning style. This could be– seeing, hearing and doing. Today you will find out how you like to learn.


Look at the PowerPoint about the learning styles. (below)


Activity: Memory Tray Game


Ask your adult to play a game with you.


First ask them to make a tray of 5 objects.


Ask them to tell you what is on the tray. How did you find that?


Ask them to show you what is on the tray. How did you find that?


Now make a tray of your own 5 objects.


Here you have used a different learning style each time. Which learning style did you prefer? Was it easier to hear, see or do? 


Your preferred learning style is the one you found the easiest. This is the way you learn best!











Music- Lesson 1-High and Low Pitch Goal- You will explore the difference between high pitch and low pitch.



Can you sing the song ‘Baby Shark’.  Use the you tube link below if you want the music.

 Can you sing it as if you’re a grumpy giant?

Can you sing it as if you were a happy monkey?

“I wonder how else we can sing it?”


Activity 1


Listen to the music from the link below. It is some of the Lark Ascending by the English composer, Vaughan Williams. A composer is someone who writes music, and the music often tells a story. Vaughan Williams was writing about a lark...does you know what a lark is?

Here is a picture of a lark. What does it look like? Can you describe it?

Listen to the piece just up to 3minutes and 2 seconds (3.02). Stop the music at different points and think: “What is the lark doing?” “Is the lark happy or sad?” “Is the lark flying high in the sky, or close to the ground?” “Can you hear any other animals?”


Activity 2


Play a shorter section of music (0-1min) and this time move around the space as if you are the lark flying high up in the sky. Stop the music and get everybody to freeze like a lark. Start the music and fly like a lark! Repeat.



Sing the same song that you sang (Baby Shark) at the start. How else can you sing it?