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Hello year 6.  I bet you're all pleased that it's very nearly the weekend.  Below are your final lessons for this week and then it is time for you to have a rest.  Enjoy your weekend!
Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 5 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity

Dance with our school coach Helen McCarron. If you have children in different key stages, have a quick look at both and choose your favourite.

RECEPTION & KEY STAGE 1(can be done by any age)

KEY STAGE 2 (can be done by any age) 

OR Just Dance 2018 * Waka Waka (Football Version)


End Writing Point - To write a first person description of wolves in the wild.

Today's lesson - Today we will be focusing on paragraph 2 of our first person writing of seeing wolves in the wild. This next paragraph will be an event that we can see taking place such as:

wolves communicating with one another,

a pack of wolves hunting prey,

the survival of wolves in the wild,

the family life in the wolf pack,

the wolves feeding on caught prey.

(the below video includes facts that could be used in your paragraph and wolf book pages that we used last week are also included on the power point also giving facts that can be used within your written paragraph) 

This lesson's work follows on from yesterday's opening paragraph writing. Usually in class, we tend to plan and then write a detailed paragraph section each day to break up the time writing. 

Follow the below power point slides to help you plan, generate ideas and see an example of our classes second event paragraph that describes an aspect of wolves in the wild.

10 Facts about Wolves that you could use in your writing

Reading lesson


Today we are going to be looking at the same poem as yesterday (The Game:Christmas Day, 1914).  We will be thinking about what is happening in the poem and how the author uses language to describe the football match.  Open the Powerpoint below and work through it.  At the end, there are some questions for you to answer.  You can either do this on the Powerpoint, a Word document or a piece of paper.  Remember to send us your work on class Dojo.


Mixed addition and subtraction

Today we are doing a mixture of adding and subtracting fractions using everything that we have learnt over the last couple of weeks. Watch the video below and try your best to answer the questions.

Art Topic - Sketching of animals from South America 

Week 3 - Reptiles

Watch the videos below to see how to sketch South American reptiles.  Follow the steps to sketch your own.  Don't forget to tweet your pictures to us. You could ask an adult to take a photo of your work and tweet it to year 6 and St.Christophers using - @ChrissiesSpeke  @elsworth_mr  @KatherineCairn2


How to Draw a Chameleon Easy

How to draw a Gecko

No-screen Friday afternoon


Take a look at our no-screen activity menu, pick something and enjoy.  Happy Friday!


Story Time