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Good morning year 6, we have made it to half term.  Below are today's lessons.  We hope you have a lovely half term and a well deserved rest!
Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 5 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's Physical Activity


English - New Text Genre Focus - Information Report

This week we will be using the ideas and features from last week's information text on raven birds to create our own information reports on Wolves.

Lesson Focus - To read, edit and publish our reports.


Today, your task is to read through your completed report, editing any mistakes such as spelling and punctuation errors and adding in any thing that you have left out. Once you have edited your report, it is time to publish it. You can either write it up or type it.  Dont forget to send us a copy on class Dojos.


Our raven text example is below along with our completed example wolves text to help you if you need it.

Reading Lesson
Today we are learning about forming expressions.  Watch the video below and then complete the questions from the sheet.  Do questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 first, then have a go at question 5.  If you are finding it tricky, stop after question 5, but if you want to challenge yourself, complete the rest of the questions on the sheet.

Art Topic - Sketching of animals from South America

Week 5 - Mammals

Watch the videos below to see how to sketch different mammals from South America.  Follow the steps to sketch your own.  Don't forget to tweet your pictures to us. You could ask an adult to take a photo of your work and tweet it to year 6 and St.Christophers using - @ChrissiesSpeke  @elsworth_mr  @KatherineCairn2 or why not send the photo to us via the class dojo page.

How To Draw A Sloth

How to draw a jaguar head

How to Draw an Armadillo step by step

Drawing Anteater Art Video

No-screen Friday afternoon
Take a look at our no-screen activity menu, pick something and enjoy.  Happy Friday and happy half term!
Story Time