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Lesson 1 - Physical Activity

HUNT: Physical Exercise Power walk Treasure Hunt. With adult permission, take a power walk and look out for ... rocks/stones, leaves, numbers and letters. Complete the table attached.

Lesson 2-Maths
Lesson 3-English

English Lesson 3

Lesson 4-Reading

Suggested reading list 


Lesson 5-P.S.H.E

Say No To Bullying 


Have a look at the powerpoint and then decide if these scenarios are bullying or not - be careful to remember that bullying is: 


Repeated - it happens all of the time or everyday...

Deliberate - someone is hurt or upset on purpose...

It is unfair - The person doing it is stronger, more powerful or there are more of them - even if they are enjoying it, the person being bullied is not. 


Then create your own bullying scenarios.