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Physical Activity

HUNT: Physical Excercise Power walk Treasure Hunt. With adult permission, take a power walk and look out for ... rocks/stones, leaves, numbers and letters. Complete the table attached.


We are continuing to learn about adding ones using number bonds. Yesterday we completed questions 1 - 4 either on the worksheet or using items in your house to help. Today we have a different teaching slide for you to watch before you look at question 5 & 6. Use items in your home and children are applying their learning by adding ones remembering that teen numbers have got one block of ten. Help your child to recall number bonds to 10 or 20 and you can google Jack Hartmann number bonds to access fun number bond rhymes.

Add ones using number bonds



We are starting a new topic this half-term. We will be exploring collage Art. This is made by sticking different materials such as objects and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing. We are going to create our own piece using found objects and attach these to a shoe box lid.


In today's lesson we will explore colour. Then over the week we want you to start researching your chosen colour for your piece of collage Art and start to collect various objects. Remember to ask permission from an adult before taking your final items into school on Monday 8th of March when we will start to create your own piece for an exhibition at school.