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Wake-up work 

Physical Activity

HUNT: Physical Exercise Power walk Treasure Hunt. With adult permission, take a power walk and look out for ... flowers, materials, clouds and a 'you choose category'. Complete the table attached.

Read, Write, Inc.

Today we are comparing the sounds of this week. Upload your work to class dojo.


Reading: poetry

Friday Maths

Today, we will be applying our understanding of multiplication and division through solving problems. If your child needs more challenge than the 1st sheet (1 star), move onto the next page (2 stars). Keep to 1 star if this is enough for your child. Upload your child's work to class dojo. The answers are on the final page.

Friday Maths-Problem solving using multiplication and division

P.S.H.E - Good to be me - Assertiveness

With an adult read from the script at the bottom of the page 

From script 1

Activity - Discuss what you think might happen next. For example, will the person feel sad? Will they tell a teacher? 

From script 2

Activity - Can you act out what might happen next? For example, will they get physical with each other or hurt one another?


Activity - can you now think of your own script for what person B should do or say?


Think about these different scenarios listed below and share with an adult at home how they might make you feel and how you would manage the situation.


Someone pushed into the line at lunchtime.

Someone wanted all the pencils on the table and wouldn’t share.

There is no more room left on the couch in the Reading area.

PSHE Scripts 1 and 2

Music - Finding the pulse in a song (lesson2)


This lesson will give you the opportunity to - Find the pulse in a piece of music, follow symbols keeping to the pulse, recognise patterns between words and sounds and finally match words to the pulse.


Similar to last weeks lesson follow the video link above.

Activity 1 - This week you will meet Ms Hart who will re-cap with you the Kye Kye Kule song and allow you the opportunity to tap the pulse. Can you remember exactly what the pulse is?

Activity 2 -  Using the pulse chart use your feet to stamp and your hands to clap the pulse. Find out what to do when there is a missing symbol in the pulse chart. Rehearse this along with Ms Hart. 

Activity 3 - Follow Ms Hart as she demonstrates how to recognise patterns between words and sounds. Learn the new song 'Hey Hey look at me' and come up with your own action to include. Learn about the word 'rhythm' and how we can take a pattern of sounds and put them with the pulse. 

Activity 4 - Learn another short song 'Copy Cat' that has a focus on the rhythm. Can you clap the different sounds together?

Written activity - Use the worksheet below to match the words from the song to the beat. Can you perform your song whilst tapping the pulse on your knees?