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Good morning year 6.  It's FriYAY!  We are looking forward to having you all back and seeing you again on Monday.  Have a fabulous weekend!


Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 5 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity

HUNT: Physical Excercise Power walk Treasure Hunt. With adult permission, take a power walk and look out for ... flowers, materials, clouds and a 'you choose category'. Complete the table attached.

Reading Lesson
Today we will be learning to calculate with metric measures.  Watch the video below and answer the questions on the sheet.  Complete questions 1,2 and 3 on the sheet first.  If you are finding this tricky, stop after question 3.  If you want to challenge yourself, complete the rest of the questions on the sheet.

Science - Material Properties and Changes

For this week we will be dipping into the world of materials as a catch up science topic that was missed during last year's lock down during year 5. Some of the practical activities of separating and mixing might be tricky to look at at home but most resources can hopefully be found in or around the house such as stones, a sieve, sugar to flour. Try your best at home and do what you can as there will also be videos, sheets and power point slides added onto our class pages that can be used if some of the practical activities are tricky to complete.

Lesson Focus - Explaining and observing both reversible (physical) and irreversible (chemical) material changes.

Using the below power point slides, videos and sheet (or this could be done on a piece of paper) we will be; observing and comparing chemical (irreversible) changes where new materials/substances are formed and also physical (irreversible) changes in which materials can be returned back to their original form/state. 

Materials/Equipment needed - Below is a photo and worksheet list of materials and equipment that could be used to practical observe both reversible and irreversible changes. These reactions could also be watched/researched online if the materials are not available to you at home. SAFTEY - Fire and burning materials can be dangerous and full adult permission is needed  when working with any type of flame.

No-screen Friday afternoon


Take a look at our no-screen activity menu, pick something and enjoy.

Story Time - The Last Chapters