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Isolating from home?

It is important for the children to continue to learn when isolating at home. Below you will find lots of activities to help you with this and a sample timetable , which can be used as a guide. You will also find a variety of lessons and activities to work through with your child. Is it vitally important that your child spends time playing and learning through their play as well as sharing books.


Sample timetable for children in Nursery and Reception


9.30- share a book

10.00 phonics work

10.30 learning through play- this could be completing a jigsaw, playing with small world toys, such as animals, dinosaurs, dolls, child's interest etc or exploring the garden.

11.30- a literacy lesson.

12.00 -lunch

1.00- a maths lesson

1.30-learning through play.

2.00- understanding the world/ topic activity.

2.30-learning through play.







Below are lessons and activities to complete with your child.

Autumn 2