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Welcome to 2021. Remember to use the Flashback maths FB4 Autumn Block 2 to support your child with basic skills in maths. The link is on the front page. This week we are working on week 7 day 1, day 2 and day 3. 


This new term will begin with a recap on our learning about number bonds to 10, addition within 10 and finding a part. I have attached a link to the videos to help your child recap on their prior learning of these. Continue to support recall of bonds within 10, such as 10+0=10, 9+1=10, etc. Also encourage your child to add two groups together. For example, I have three red cars and I am have found 2 yellow cars. How many have I got altogether? Encourage your child to write the number sentence. 3+2=5. Use the number rhyme link from the home learning page to help your child form their numbers correctly.


You can also talk about finding a part. I have 5 cars in total, 3 is one part, what is the other part? Answer 2. Help by counting out the cars if necessary but also encourage your child to recognise each quantity as 3 cars and 2 cars and this makes a number bond to 5. I have also attached a link to hit the button with Top Marks. Your child can play games including making number bonds to 10.