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Here are the lessons for this week. You don't need to print the sheet out, just answer the questions on a piece of paper or on a Word document.

Lesson 1 - Negative numbers - Watch the video and complete the sheet.

Lesson 2 - Negative numbers


Recap what negative numbers are from yesterday using the link below and then complete the sheet. 

Lesson 3 - Mental calculations


Work through the Powerpoint below, which goes through lots of examples and methods of mental calculations.

Lesson 4 - Mental calculations

Work through the mental calculations Powerpoint.  When you get to the slide that says 'tasks' have a game of 4 in a row.  The game is the same as connect 4, where you take it in turns to answer a question to take the circle and try and block the other person getting 4 in a row.

Lesson 5 - mental calculations


Watch the mental calculations video below and complete the sheet.