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This week in maths we are still continuing our application and learning of number bonds within 10. We are encouraging children to recall the various number bonds within 10 so please help your child with this. Start with number bonds to 5, building up to 10 as appropriate. For example, 5+0=5, 4+1=5, 3+2=5 and so on.

Please revisit the worksheets from last week which you can access when you click on week beginning 23.11.20. I have only added the teaching slides again. Talk about the plus (+) and equals (=) symbol if you can as you encourage children to say number bonds. You can also google Jack Hartman number bonds/pairs to 5 on youtube and children can take part in the counting rhymes. We are then going to compare number bonds so help your child to understand each number bond and then talk about the difference between these. For example, 3+2=5 which is less than (<)  2+4=6. Children need to complete the number bonds first before they can compare them. Towards the end of the week we will look at adding together. For example, there are 3 ants marching. There are 4 spiders marching. There are how many insects altogether? Support your child as they can count different quantities of toys.