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Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in.

Reading- The Glassmaker's Daughter


Here is the link for the story. Watch from the start to 1:32.




Can you find the meaning of these words?



Read the passage above.


Answer these questions.


1. Is the city a nice place to be? How do you know?


2. Find and copy 3 words which show that Daniela is not happy.


3. What do you think might happen next? Who might come to try to make Daniela smile?





Look at the two words in bold. These are made up of two words. Can you split them into two words?

What words have you got?


We call these compound words. When two words are joined together to create a new word that has a new meaning.



History - When did historical events happen? (Lesson 2)

Think about ‘time’. What units does time come in?

There are three different types of time zones we look at: past, present and future.

Things that have already happened are in the past. (Christmas)

Things that are happening now are happening in the present. (Lockdown)

Things that will happen are in the future. (Your 18th Birthday)

See if you can find out the dates that these events happened. 

When our school was built?

When was the Queen born?


Think about things that have happened in your life. You may wish to write them down. Remember to do them in order.


Look at the list of events below.  Research the date and then add to your timeline.


Start of World War 1

Harry and Megan Royal Wedding

Elizabeth 2nd becomes Queen

Guy Fawkes tries to blow up Parliament

Great Fire of London

Start of World War 2


Below there is a link for a timeline. If you can print it that is great! If not get a piece of paper and draw a line through the middle of it. On the left you will put the earliest event in time.