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Warm-up Work-Maths Flashback


Join in with Joe Wicks this morning.


This week, in memory of Captain Sir Tom, we will do '100 things' activity. Each day, we will choose to do an activity of 100 things. Today, can you do 100 star jumps?

Read Write Inc.


Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in.


This week, we are working on our comprehension skills. Read the text on the Great Fire of London and answer the questions. 

Maths-Using arrays

History: Lesson 5-  Why did the Great Fire spread so quickly? (Lesson 5) Part 1

Look at the powerpoint and talk about the reasons for the fire spreading so quickly. Discuss in detail all the findings. Then look at picture 1 and picture 2. What can you see? Can you see any reasons why the fire spread so quickly?

 Once you have completed the powerpoint, complete the table.




Part 2

Now that we know the reasons for the fire spreading so quickly, can you suggest solutions to prevent further fire.   Eg. Houses not made of wood, well equipped fire service, move houses further apart, use other materials for building no wood or straw.

Many parts of London was destroyed in the fire and needing rebuilding. A royal proclamation put a stop to construction until new regulations had been decided.

Now Read the proclamation in Stuart English.  Work out words. Read modern version and scribe Charles solutions on the board. Compare the 2 columns how well do the ideas match?