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Good morning year 6.  Another Monday in lockdown.  We hope you are all ok and continuing to stay safe. Remember you can contact us on our Class Dojos and you can upload your work and photographs of any learning you are doing at home on there too.  As with every week, just try your best with the lessons and do what you can.


Stay safe

Mrs Cairns and Mr Elsworth.

Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 1 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's Physical Activity

Dance with Oti Mabuse - MOANA

Come and enjoy a family friendly dance class with Moana as the theme. Classes all taught by Oti Mabuse and Marius Iepure. A great routine for the whole famil...


End Writing Point - To complete our first person description of wolves in the wild.

Today's lesson - Today we will be completing our first person writing of seeing wolves in the wild with our final paragraph 3.  This final paragraph will be a further event that you can see taking place such as:


wolves communicating with one another,

a pack of wolves hunting prey,

the survival of wolves in the wild,

the family life in the wolf pack,

the wolves feeding on caught prey.


We will then conclude our texts with an ending statement about revisiting the wolves in the future.

(the below video from Friday repeats facts that could be used in your final paragraph and wolf book pages that we used last week are also included on the power point also giving facts that can be used within your written paragraph) 

This lesson's work follows on from last Thursday and Friday's paragraph writing. Usually in class, we tend to plan and then write a detailed paragraph section each day to break up the time writing. 

Follow the below power point slides to help you plan, generate ideas and see an example of our classes third and final event paragraph that describes an aspect of wolves in the wild.

10 Facts about Wolves that you could use in your writing

Reading Lesson

Today we are starting some reading lessons on extracts from a book called 'Fireweed'. Today all you need is a piece of paper to make notes on and a pen or pencil.  Work through the Powerpoint below.


Today we start our work on multiplying fractions.  In today's lesson, we will by multiplying a fraction by an integer (whole number).  Watch the video below and then complete the questions on the sheet when it asks you to.  Try to complete questions 1,2 and 3 first.  If you find these tricky stop after question 3.  If you want to challenge yourself complete the rest of the questions, but please don't worry if you find them difficult.

Multiplying fractions by an integer (whole number)

RE - The Dead Sea Scrolls
Story Time