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Below is the timetable and activities for you to do at home today. These mirror what is going on in class. Remember, some of the links are at the bottom of the page. Have fun learning. 

Time/ subject



9.00- 9.30

Basic Skills

Purple mash

 Access purple mash’s mini mash and work through some of the weather activities, don’t forget to save your work for us to see.






 letter i -

Watch  have a go at writing i.

use the letters you have learnt to blend using Home



Snack time/ learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

10.45 maths


Can I say which has more and which has less?

You can use anything for this activity, in school we will be using cotton wool balls or scrunched up pieces of paper. These will be our snow balls!

Count out your cotton wool/ paper balls or the objects you are using so that you have ten. Split them into to groups which has more? which has less? How do you know?  Repeat. Ask children to split the group and use the language more and less to describe the quantities.


Challenge can you say which is more or less using numbers? Hold up two numbers which is more than the other? Which is less? Count out objects to help you if needed.



Learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.




1.00 Knowledge of the world

Finding out about animals that hibernate

Look at the power point( link 1 below) or watch to find out about Hibernation. Can you find out anymore information and write a sentence about it? 



Learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

2.00 RE

What is a parish?

Talk about what a parish is? Talk about the church, the school and all the families you know at school and church. We all are part of a parish. Our parish (church) name is…You might like to go for a walk to your parish church. Draw a picture of your own school family


Steps to read

Reading-Lost and Found.

Look at the front cover or the start of the video . What might the story be about? Read or listen to the story and talk about the words: harbour, size and strength, delighted. Reread the book looking for the words you have just talked about and see if your child can read/ sound out any of the words to help you re-read the story. Try the words: and at, and, his to begin with. Model counting the words in a sentence.

1 Hibernation- power point