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 'Just Dance' Dance 1 Dance Monkey -  & Dance 2 - Savage Love

Create a warm up, complete the 2 dances and create a cool down. Enjoy!

Lesson 1 History 

Anglo Saxons 


This week, our focus will be on history and as such, there will be no English or Maths today or tomorrow so that children can get the most out of this topic before we move on  to Vikings, which is our next topic in history. 


Watch the videos about the  Anglo Saxons to begin to understand who they were, where they came from and their story telling traditions.  Then start the topic by sorting some of the tools by reading about the mystery flints (used in tool making) and deciding which sorting sheet it goes with. 



Life in Anglo Saxon Britain | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Life in Anglo-Saxon Britain is shown through the eyes of a family, including an exploration of different approaches to medicine...

Invasion, Invasion, Invasion | Smashing Saxons | Horrible Histories

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Lesson 2 history: 


How long did the Anglo Saxons reign for? 


Look at the video (gives an idea of when the Anglo Saxon era began and some more background information). 


Easier activity: Sort the eras of British History so that they match  their headings (Romans, Modern Era etc) 


Challenge: Calculate how many years each era of British history lasted for. You could use subtraction to work this out or a calculator if you find it tricky. 



Horrible Histories The Anglo Saxon Report

Lesson 3 History 


What happened during the Anglo Saxon reign? 


Look at the events and order on a timeline. You can write the dates and draw the picture in order. Remember to start with the smallest date and work your way through to the largest date as time goes by. 





Lesson 4 


Who were the Anglo Saxons and where did they come from? 


Use the clues to work out where each of the seven kingdoms of the Anglo Saxon were.  Label them on the map. Check your answers using the answer sheet.