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Good morning Year 1, we hope you are all ok, had a nice weekend and are staying safe at home.  Below are your lessons for the day.  If you find something too difficult, please don't let it worry you.  These are very difficult times for everyone and all that we ask is you try your best.  Don't worry if you don't have access to a printer, please just complete the lessons on a piece of paper. We would love to see any work that you have been completing at home.  Remember you can tag us on Twitter @Chrissiesspeke or you can send pictures to us through ClassDojo.

Physical Activity Challenge


Dance with Oti Mabuse - The GreatestShowman - 

This week we are going to introduce children to subtraction within 10. It is important that your child starts with the first lesson on Monday through to Friday. We will explore different techniques the first being crossing out and looking at how many are left? For example you can use resources to help your child by saying the following. First I have 5 apples, then I eat 2 apples, how many have I got left? There are different teaching slides attached to help you support your child with the introduction to subtraction within 10. There is an accompanying worksheet and additional answer sheet.