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Today we are starting to learn about angles - I know it has been a very long time since you did this, so, we are going right back to the start and are going to identify angles.  Watch the video below and complete as many questions as you can on your sheet.


It is time to edit and publish your amazing pieces of writing!  Firstly, I want you to read through your narrative. Then I want you to read through it again, highlighting any mistakes.  Finally, go back to all the things you highlighted and correct them.  


When editing your work, check these points: 

*Have you got a full stop at the end of each sentence and a capital letter at the start?

*Have you used question marks for questions?

*Have you used commas in a list?

*Have you used a comma at the end of a fronted adverbial?

*Have you used commas, brackets or dashes to indicate parenthesis?

*Have you used inverted commas (speech marks) to mark speech?

*Have you used apostrophes to mark omissions (contractions) or possession (showing that something belongs.

*Does each new paragraph start on a new line?

*Are your words spelt correctly?  If you're not sure, check!

*Have you included expanded noun phrases?

*Have you included similes, metaphors or personification?

*Have you used any formal language?

Have you included any technical vocabulary?

*Have you included powerful verbs and adjectives?


If you have checked all of the above, you are now ready to publish your work.  You can either write it up neatly, in your best handwriting or you can type it up.  Please make sure you change any corrections you have made.  Once you have finished, please send it to me on Dojo.

Reading Lesson


Please log onto Purple Mash and complete the coding activity set.


As part of our end of year celebrations, we are hoping to be creating a performance of Take That's 'Never forget' song.  Below is a video of the song and lyrics.  Please have a go at learning it.  You will be given more time next week to learn it too.

Never Forget Take That Lyrics YouTube