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Lesson 1-PE

Dance with Oti Mabuse - The GreatestShowman - 


THE GREATEST SHOWMAN kids class with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure

Dance class with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure. A great live routine for the whole family to learn and have fun on one of the greatest hits. It is a step-by-ste...

Lesson 2-English 


In Year 4 we will use Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks, to write our own fable narrative- a traditional tale with a moral message!

Lesson 3-MATHS:

At the end of our last half term we were learning about length. We compared mm's, cm's and kilometres. We added and subtracted lengths. Today you will measure perimeter - the distance all the way around the outside of a 2D shape. We have likened the perimeter to the length of a fence around a field.

The answers will depend on how the images appear on screen or are printed out for this lesson.

Lesson 4 Geography: From Liverpool to New York


 Can I identify physical and human features of Liverpool? 

This week we will be starting our Geography topic which is all about Liverpool and New York. Maybe you know someone who has been to New York? What do they know about it?  Liverpool is our city and we are starting by exploring Liverpool first by exploring the human (man-made) and physical (natural) features of the city. If you can access Google Earth or have an atlas, have a look at where Liverpool is located within our world too. Which hemisphere is it in? Which country is it in? What is the climate like in Liverpool?


The activity for today  is to place the features of Liverpool into a Venn Diagram (just two hoops or circles - there is one attached for printing/copying onto paper) Add headings - physical features - human features and sort the images into the correct circles (you can write the names or draw small pictures of each feature).  If you have a little time, why not write what you know about some of the features from our great city? We look forward to seeing what you know and can find out!