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Advent- preparing.


Lesson 1.


This week we are starting our preparing theme. What could we be preparing for?


When you prepare to come to school, what do you do? Is it the same each day? How do we prepare for special occasions: e.g. a party or going on holiday etc. What jobs does each person have to do?




  1. Why is it necessary to prepare?
  2. What would happen if you didn’t prepare?
  3. How do you feel when you are preparing for special times?
  4. What sort of preparations do members of the family make for Christmas?
  5. What would happen if people didn’t prepare for Christmas?
  6. Is there anything you don’t like about preparations – for example, crowded shops?



Make a list of the preparations that are made at home in readiness for Christmas. For example, buying cards, stamps, gifts, food; making cakes, puddings, mince pies; preparing decorations, a tree; booking a special outing to a pantomime or a meal.


Lesson 2. 

As we prepare for Christmas let us reflect...


I’m glad my family prepares for special times...

I enjoy preparations for Christmas because...


Let’s think of people who are working to make Christmas a happy time for others.


You could say a prayer to Thank God for Christmas and those that make it happen. 

Maybe you need to Thank someone who is helping you to get ready for Christmas.