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Lesson 1- The Annunciation


Mary prepares to be the mother of Jesus when asked by God’s messenger Gabriel. Watch the you tube clip. 





  1. What does Gabriel say about the baby?
  2. How did Mary’s feelings change as she spoke to Gabriel?
  3. How would you feel if you were Mary?


ACTIVITY: Draw a picture and add key words to show the message Gabriel brought to Mary.


Lesson 2- The Visitation


Mary goes to visit Elizabeth her cousin whom she loved to help her prepare for her baby. Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, watch the story of the Visitation.


Mary did not think of herself, but went to visit Elizabeth who was elderly and also expecting a baby. She was prepared to travel a long way. 



  1. How did Mary know that her cousin Elizabeth was expecting a baby?
  2. Why did this take Mary by surprise?
  3. How could Mary have helped Elizabeth to prepare for her baby?
  4. What surprised you about Elizabeth’s words to Mary when they met?
  5. What feeling does Mary express in her song?
  6. Why is she so happy?



Reflection time:


Mary responded to Elizabeth with the ‘magnificent’ she praised the Lord and said ‘Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb’ (Luke 1:42)


Let us pray –

Blessed Mary,

We are reminded that you are a God of Joy and that you always keep your promises.



We must remember to be there for others as much as others are there for you.